PreschoolHow MindChamps PreSchool Learning Prepares Children for Their Academic Journeys

October 25, 2022

Naturally, parents want the best for their children in all aspects, and it often boils down to three distinct foci — academic success, holistic development, and enjoyment of life. The Waldorf teaching method satisfies the latter two immensely, and had risen in popularity worldwide in the 1900s because of said propensity. 

A three-fold learning process entailing engagement of a child’s head, heart, and hands, a Waldorf education seeks to nurture preschool children through emphasis on arts, nature, and imagination as opposed to more formal and methodical learning via structured activities and lessons. The pedagogy functions on the belief that children learn best through experiential education and imaginative play, with proven benefits in the following areas:

  • Children get to enjoy an unhurried childhood for personal development
  • Students play an active role in their own education and learning experiences
  • Instils a lifelong passion for learning and intrinsic desire to always find out more
  • Exposes children to a wide range of experiences for interest development and pursuit
  • Each child is treated as an individual that is made to learn and grow at their own pace

However, the Waldorf teaching method also has its shortcomings, especially when applied to Singapore’s education system. The lack of standardised testing, for one, can leave preschool students ill-prepared for primary level education, and the pull away from a focus on academics can result in poorer school performance once children enter primary school. 

The Importance of Early Focus on Academics in Early Childhood Education

While holistic development and enjoyment of life are indeed important, so is a focus on academics in early childhood education, with the key reasons behind this including: 

Acts as an Introduction to the Notion of Schooling

Having your preschool child go through the notion of structured lessons and formal learning to some degree can better prepare them for schooling life in later years. Adjusting to increased levels of regiment and rigour can be difficult for students entering primary school, but enrolling your kids in a preschool that places an early focus on academics can alleviate this problem.

Builds Strong Foundation for Core Subjects in Primary School

The incorporation of early numeracy and literacy lessons in preschool learning can also help children build a strong foundation for the core subjects they will be taught in primary school. This empowers them to stay ahead of the curve and can prevent unnecessary stress and frustration in the long run with regards to their education, as they can better grasp the concepts necessary to perform well in school.  

Instils Love for Learning Even for Subjects of Non-Interest

An early focus on academics in preschool learning can also improve the attention spans of preschool children, and instil a love for learning that is subject-agnostic as opposed to a love for learning that only extends beyond a rooted love for the subject itself.  

How MindChamps PreSchool Balances Academics and Holistic Education

But an early focus on academics does not necessarily have to come at the expense of your child’s holistic development or enjoyment of life. At MindChamps PreSchool, we leverage a research-backed, internationally-acclaimed curriculum that blends all three aspects for a fulfilling preschool experience. 

Leveraging the S.M.I.L.E.S.™ methodology and 3-Minds approach, MindChamps PreSchool equips our children with the right mindsets and tools they need to cultivate crucial skills and strategies of learning, all while building up and upon their ability to stay curious, open-minded, and adaptive to an ever-changing world. By working on our students’ Champion Mind, Learning Mind, and Creative Mind in tandem, we empower them to unlock their fullest potential possible.

We understand that preschool learning cannot just be about fun and games, yet we also stand by the notion that a sole focus on academics is far from optimal. By mixing play and enrichment — both structured and unstructured — MindChamps PreSchool turns preschoolers into young Champions and well-rounded individuals through enquiry exploration, collaborative problem-solving, critical-thinking exercises, and experiential classroom activities. 

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