Lead Singer of Samsons accepts title to inspire the next generation ofyoung champions in Indonesia

December 27, 2009

Bams (right) being honoured as MindChamps Youth Fellow by David Chiem, MindChamps Founder & Group CEO


Bambang Raguna a.k.a. Bams, lead singer of platinum-selling rock band Samsons, gives back to the youths of Indonesia by accepting the title of Youth Fellow of MindChamps on 27 December 2009.




Bams graduated from MindChamps in 2003 and since then, his achievements have been staggering:

He is the current Ambassador in Indonesia in the campaign against drugs and narcotics abuse
As lead singer of rock band Samsons, he has released three albums under the Universal Music Indonesia recording label – NALURI LELAKI (2006), PENANTIAN HIDUP (2007), and PENANTIAN HIDUP PLATINUM EDITION (2008).
Samsons has gained a reputation as a clean-living band with a great following. The English song FOR YOU from his last album, is used by the Indonesian government as the official song for the UNIFILGarud a XXIIIA (UN Peacekeeping Force)


As a Youth Fellow of MindChamps, Bams is a shining example for young people


everywhere to follow. His Champion Mindset allows him to overcome obstacles


and to put a stamp of originality and excellence on everything he does.


“To all youths, find your passion, pursue with your heart and your mind will follow.


MindChamps will not only give you the Champion Mindset to discover the champion in yourself, but also teach you the scientifically sound Learning How-to-Learn study techniques to help you achieve better grades in school and continue to love learning for life,” said Bams. Bams joins inspirational Singaporean Jeremy Lim as a MindChamps Youth Fellow.