Learning How To Write In Preschool – The MindChamps Way

January 13, 2023

Isn’t it always a proud moment to watch our children pick up a pencil and write?

The secret ingredient? We’d say it’s constant nurturing.

At MindChamps PreSchool, our writing curriculum is designed to develop your child’s literacy, so they go on to be both avid writers and readers. We achieve this through a research-led pedagogical approach, what we call the S.M.I.L.E.S.™ methodology.

We pay attention to seven key elements – sensory, motor, intellectual, linguistic, emotions and social. A tad heavy? Don’t worry about that – just think about what it does for your child.

Through a holistic developmental experience, our methodology invites your child to explore, inquisitively inquire and grow at their own pace.

We’ve already outlined what the S.M.I.L.E.S.™ methodology offers here.

In this article, we apply the concept to how we teach preschoolers to write (and read), by diving into two of our creative writing and reading programmes that make up our core preschool modules.

1. Learning How To Write With “MindChamps Reading & Writing™ (Natural Literacy™)”

Literacy foundation is important before your child learns how to write and, of course, read. Our Reading & Writing™ (Natural Literacy™) programme develops just that.

Designed for Champs in Playgroup and Nursery 1, the creative writing module introduces preschoolers to the ABCs of literacy through interactive activities. These include role-playing, puppetry and craft work – all of which tap onto their five senses, motor skills, mind, speech and language, emotions and social relationships.

Before you know it, your little one is all ready for the world of phonics in Nursery 2!

Here, they acquire phonemic and phonological awareness to prime them for verbal, literal and reading fluency, beginning with our Say and Sing Phonics approach.

This unique teaching method allows your child to connect symbols (alphabets and words) with sounds (phonics) by experiencing how they relate in meaningful contexts.

They could be role-playing as a customer and cashier –  your child will recognise the difference between the “th” in “thank you” and “t” in “trolley”. Or, a visit to the zoo will teach them why the “a” in “cat and “ate” is not pronounced the same.

Once they have mastered their alphabets, it won’t be long till your little one forms words and recites them!

2.  Learning How To Write With “Fun with Language™”

To do well in a subject, one should have a liking for it. That’s why we energise our Champs and make the English Language extremely exciting!

Our Fun with Language™ module opens opportunities for your child to develop their writing and reading skills through captivating stories. Our PreSchool educators make use of a vast range of literature to make reading creative, fun and enjoyable.

You’ll find the classroom transformed into a set of a story, where children play various characters while our educators narrate and guide them through each expression. On other days, your child takes the stage and performs their favourite scene from a tale.

By developing their creativity through stories after stories, your child not just writes, but goes on to write with flair. They’ll also understand how impactful reading is on their quality of writing, a key trait that’ll prepare them well for primary school.

All beginner writers start from somewhere – that experience crafts the learning journey. With our suite of creative reading and writing materials, alongside a proven pedagogical approach, you can be rest assured that your child will emerge as a confident writer over time.

At MindChamps, we encourage Champs to actively understand and apply concepts in ways that make learning more meaningful compared to rote learning. This means tailoring the experience to each child. We recognise that everyone has different styles when learning how to write, for example. That’s why our hybrid take on teaching covers the needs of all children by making learning to be as natural as possible.

With that, they can reveal their inner creativity and inquisitiveness when overcoming challenges in the preschool classroom, what the Champion Mindset is all about!

We invite you to book a visit to any of our preschool centres in Singapore to learn more, or enquire about a trial lesson to learn how we do what we do.