MindChamps Launches a Breakthrough Approach to Learning Chinese

February 15, 2016

Collaborating with SPH’s Thumbs Up Little Junior to Help Singapore Pre-Schoolers Keep Pace with a Changing World:

MindChamps PreSchool today announced the launch of its first MindChamps Chinese PreSchool at Tampines Central and marks the start of a strategic education collaboration with Singapore Press Holdings’ Chinese Media Group.

Chinese is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. With English as the main language used in education, is the next generation of Singaporeans losing its edge in Chinese language proficiency? Some fear that this is the case, especially given that language acquisition research (from both neuroscience and developmental psychology) shows that language proficiency develops from key foundations laid down in early childhood.

Many Singaporean parents recognised the need for a pre-school that place greater emphasis on the development of Chinese language proficiency and a better understanding of Chinese culture.

Mr David Chiem, Founder, Chairman and Group CEO of MindChamps, said: “It has always been a part of our plan to create a new way to teach Chinese Language, based on the latest scientific understandings and our decades of expertise in promoting engagement.

“What excites me is our ability to take the latest understandings from the field of neuroscience and to combine it, in a unique new way, with thousands of years of Chinese culture. There is great power in that synergy – to fill a gap; to provide a launch pad for a richer understanding, not only of a language, but of a whole culture – and more importantly, to give our graduates the competitive edge.”

Mr Anthony Tan, Executive Vice-President of Chinese Media Group, SPH, said: “At SPH’s Chinese Media Group, we believe that the laying of a strong Chinese language foundation begins from an early age. We are excited to have MindChamps as our educational collaborator in promoting Chinese literacy with Thumbs Up Little Junior – a LianheZaobao publication for preschool children. Thumbs Up Little Junior will feature additional, new Chinese content contributed by MindChamps. In this way, our partnership draws upon MindChamps’ innovative, research-based educational approach, enabling us to further enhance engagement and foster immersion in the Chinese language, giving children a positive start to a lifelong relationship with Chinese culture. All of MindChamps’ 31 centres island-wide will also receive this student publication.”

The other unique aspect of MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, according to its founder David Chiem, is its focus on inculcating the Champion Mindset – the empowering mindset encapsulated in the MindChamps credo: 100 Percent Respect, Zero Fear.

As David explained: “It is a life-philosophy that promotes 100 percent respect for and consideration of others, but, at the same time, eliminates entirely the fear to question the status quo and voice ideas.”

For more information on MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, please visit: http://www.mindchamps.org/chinese-preschool