MindChamps Launches into China with a Successful Global Symposium at Beijing’s Iconic National Stadium

November 23, 2018

From Left to Right: Zhu Huanqiang, China First Capital Group Limited, Co-CEO & Executive Director; Xu Hui, Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic League and Zhejiang Provincial Committee; Brian Caswell, MindChamps Dean of Research & Programme Development; David Chiem, Founder CEO and Executive Chairman, MindChamps PreSchool Limited; Dr Scott Hicks, Oscar-nominated, Emmy Award-winning film-maker; Professor Larry Scripp, MindChamps Dean of Music in Education and Wu Wei Qiang, Phoenix Education CEO at the 3 Minds Movement: Educating for the Future symposium held at Beijing’s National Stadium

Over 200  education experts and representatives of early childhood education institutions  participated in the  ground-breaking 3 Minds Movement: Educating for the Future symposium held at Beijing’s National Stadium, or better known as Bird’s Nest, on 18 November 2018.

Global experts in the domains of Education, Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre, together with experts from China, provided insights into the educational needs and demands of the future at the  symposium, which was  live  streamed  online to viewers around the world.

How it all started

10 years ago, MindChamps  Chair of Research, world-renowned neuroscientist Professor Emeritus  Allan Snyder, opened the ‘What Makes a  Champion?™’ forum in Beijing.  At this official Olympic Cultural Event, he announced that after years of researching the mind and engaging with some of the world’s most extraordinary people, it was clear that what sets world champions from all walks of life apart is what he profoundly coined their Champion  Mindset.

More importantly, he added that the Champion Mindset can be learned.

10 years on, Professor Snyder’s work into the Champion Mind is even more relevant.  In  today’s  world of the IT Revolution and Google, simply possessing information no longer gives us an advantage.  In his session,  the  3-Mind Education Movement, David Chiem, MindChamps Founder CEO & Executive Chairman, shared with participants that “It is the ability to  innovate – to use that information in creative and original ways – that will differentiate the successful from the rest.”

mindchamps china
Prof Larry Scripp on Music Plus Music Integration – Reimagining Music Education for the 21st Century

Preparing our children for future

After a day of thought-provoking reflections about the future of education, it was clear to all participants that to succeed in a world where Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming an everyday reality, we need to master, not one mind, but three: The Champion Mind, the Learning Mind and the Creative Mind. Professor Snyder’s work shines new light on all three.

The speakers also concluded that there was an urgent need to adopt a new educational approach during the early years of a child’s education. One crucial element of such an approach lies in the ability to think like a champion, as nurturing such a mindset in our children will effectively ‘future-skill’ them for the world of 2038 and beyond.

The full symposium can be viewed here.

mindchamps china
The experts’ panel in session during the 3 Minds Movement: Educating for the Future symposium

Reflections on the launch of MindChamps in China

Gary Tan, General Manager of MindChamps Beijing, summed up the 3 Minds Movement: Educating for the Future symposium, as a milestone event which “showcased MindChamps in a magnificent way”. Indeed, putting together a large-scale event such as this was no easy feat, as it required a great deal of planning and coordination from team members across various countries.

Here, other team members who worked alongside Gary share their views:

“The 3 Minds Movement Symposium was the culmination of months of planning, organisation and preparation across all areas of logistics and production. The MindChamps team exemplified The Champion Mindset with their passion and teamwork to ensure a successful event. A huge Congratulations to an amazing team! Hurrah !” – Paulene Smith, Senior Director, Training (MindChamps Singapore HQ)


(The event was a perfect platform to introduce MindChamps’ unique education approach to Chinese educators at large. It was a great experience putting this together. Thank you, MindChamps!)

– Kevin Sheng, Development, MindChamps Beijing


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