“Love makes a child’s brain grow!” – A journey which led to the start of MindChamps @ Nordcom II (Sembawang)

October 10, 2018

The centre directors of MindChamps PreSchool @ Nordcom II share their life journey which led to the opening of the newest MindChamps PreSchool in the north of Singapore!

We believe that every child is “beloved”. “Beloved” means to be loved, which is why our centre strives to create a loving environment to nurture our children.

When a child feels love and is filled with love, he/she will be prompted share the love. That’s because love is contagious and fundamental to leading a joyful and healthy life.

Love makes a child’s brain grow!

Our parenthood journey

We are blessed with two 宝贝 (which means “precious” and “dear” in Chinese). Our older child is in primary 1 this year and the younger kid is in nursery 1. Both joined MindChamps once they hit 18 months old and we never looked back since.

mindchamps nordcom ii
Our children truly enjoyed their preschool learning years, thanks to MindChamps!

When we first embarked on the journey of parenthood, like all parents, we started looking for the perfect preschool (confession: we started when our girl was in the womb!). It was an exciting yet tedious and mind-boggling task! We shopped around and found “faults” in many of those that we visited due to issues such as weak/unstructured curriculum, failure to deliver on promised curriculum, poor caregiving in school, disgruntled staff, bullying and unfriendly classmates etc.

Shortly we came to realise that our dream school may not exist after all – but we still had to pick one that’s best for our children. The crux is really how comfortable we are in putting our child in the said school. As typical Singaporeans, we brainstormed and established our criteria of:

  • A robust curriculum
  • A happy environment, and
  • Convenience

Our MindChamps experience

When it comes to curriculum, we rated MindChamps PreSchool as the undisputed winner because of the all-rounded learning and development model, as well as its well-researched teaching pedagogy. We were confident that our children will be ready for P1 when the time comes, both academically and socially.

Yes, having good values instilled in them during the early years, coupled with the desire to learn and a courageous spirit will definitely give our children an edge over their peers. Without a doubt, our daughter transited into P1 easily, where she excelled socially and academically. We were very glad to know that she is well liked by her teachers and peers.

Over the last few years, not only have our children made good friends – both of us have also established long-lasting friendships with fellow parents and we continue to meet up with them regularly, even after she left preschool.

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Welcome to MindChamps Nordcom!

At MindChamps Nordcom , we strongly believe that parental involvement in all forms is extremely powerful during this exciting journey.

MindChamps is a strong brand with a well thought out system and teachers are dedicated, well trained and well supported. No one can undermine a teacher’s role in a child’s learning journey – they play an influential and pivotal role in bringing out the best in the children. We know that we have made the right decision when our children are happy and they look forward to school every day.

Having been blessed with a good preschool experience with MindChamps during our children’s preschool years, we decided to start a preschool in Sembawang and hope to share the blessings and love with our friendly neighbours residing in the North of Singapore.

mindchamps nordcom
At MindChamps Nordcom, Champs will get to enjoy their lessons at the rooftop basketball court.
mindchamps nordcom
Outdoor learning is the order of the day here!

Champs at MindChamps Nordcom will get to enjoy having the curriculum delivered both indoors and outdoors at the rooftop basketball court. After all, studies suggest that outdoor learning comes with a world of benefits such as reduced stress, improved moods and better concentration, as well as increasing a child’s engagement at school.

We welcome you and your Champ to join our big family!


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