Books Come Alive at MindChamps @ Raffles Town Club

January 18, 2018

As soon as the lift door opened, the air was filled with fresh buttery popcorns and the floor space was filled with hundreds of colourful shoes that came in various sizes.

The excitement was in the air as MindChamps @ Raffles Town Club hosted its first-ever Book Event on 13 January 2018, and it was wonderful to have 50 families turn up at this event!

A Fleur-tastic collection of book titles

The highlight of this event was definitely the book reading session by our guest of honour, book author and illustrator Fleur Vella-Chang.  Here, she read her two amazing books – Afternoon Tea At Raffles Hotel and Mabel Moves To Singapore to our little champs.

Already a bestseller in Singapore, Mabel Moves To Singapore is about a plucky little penguin who moves from Antarctica to Singapore. Here, she discovers the excitement of adventure and the joy of new friendships.

Kids learned the many differences between the polar continent and sunny Singapore.

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Champs between the ages 1.5 to 7 years old were entranced by Fleur’s fun-loving personality. She captured her audience with props and illustration, showing the children how to draw Mabel (the Penguin) and Gus (the Tiger) using simple shapes and colours to colour the various characters from the book.

They also learned the many differences between the polar continent and our sunny city. Play being an important part of learning for children is the most natural way to teach young children without actually being in a classroom.

Author and illustrator Fleur Vella-Chang signing autograph for the little champs.

Another form of play is imaginative play. This form of play is critical to a child’s normal development.

What may seem to be a simple and uncomplicated way for children to entertain themselves is actually a complex process that affects all aspects of a child’s life.  Play shapes how children make sense of the world around them, how they learn thinking skills, and how they acquire language.

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More book reading fun

Another special guest was Diana Thomas, who is the Manager of MindChamps Reading & Writing. She too engaged the children in various forms of play from singing and dancing to book reading activities.

The popularity of Book Reading sessions has definitely increased over the recent times in Singapore, as it is a fun way of engaging our young children to develop good habits of reading and understand the comprehension behind each book.

Diana Thomas, Manager of MindChamps Reading & Writing engaging with parents and kids alike.

Play allows children to develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.

MindChamps educarer lending a helping hand to our young champ.

MindChamps @ Raffles Town Club is like a second home for the Champs as teachers bring the written words to life daily. Children are encouraged to learn through fun activities such as literature, art, drama, food – and so much more.

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