Lights, Camera, Action! Our K2 Preschoolers Steal the Show at Mediacorp

July 3, 2019

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of your favourite TV show – or what it takes for a radio deejay to put on a great show on the airwaves?

As for the news that you watch on TV, is it really just about the newscaster reading text off the screen?

These were some of the things that the K2 preschoolers from MindChamps PreSchool @ Toa Payoh thought of as they explored the enquiry theme of “Life around Us”.

What better way to get the answers to these questions and more than to experience firsthand what goes on at the broadcast centre at Mediacorp.

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Preschoolers from MindChamps PreSchool @ Toa Payoh visit Mediacorp

mindchamps toa payoh
The teachers and children on the set of The Little Nyonya.

The visit to Mediacorp on Stars Avenue was indeed an eye-opening experience for the K2 children and their teachers.

Here, they got to step into the set of The Little Nyonya, a Channel 8 drama series, and went behind the scenes to observe how the show is made. It was so much fun being actors and actresses for that few seconds of fame!

The children and their teachers were also brought on a tour on the set of CNA to learn how a news programme is being telecast. They even had the rare chance to roleplay as newscasters. Despite the jitters of facing the camera, the children gave their best and confidently pulled it off – most of them agreed that they wouldn’t mind doing this again!

From facing the TV screen, it was time to move on to the radio airwaves. Stepping into the interactive booth at Class 95 FM’s studio, Ms Wardha and the K2 children got to learn about what it takes to be a radio deejay. With pre-recorded questions, they had to put their quick-thinking skills to the test and do their best to answer them.

Check out this video to watch them in action:

A whole new world for the children

mindchamps toa payoh
The children at the Virtual Reality station, where they explored being in the environment of movies such as The Breakup List and Ah Boys to Men.

At the end of the excursion, the K2 preschoolers from MindChamps PreSchool @ Toa Payoh concluded that being a newscaster or a radio deejay is no easy feat. It takes a lot of practice and confidence to present the news on TV and put on a great radio show.

Here, we got a few of the children to share their thoughts with us:

“Seeing so many channels on that little TV was so cool!” – Cayden

“Ms Wardha, the script was going so fast, I thought I couldn’t read it. But, I managed to read some.” – Alten

“I was trying to answer what the DJ asked but it was so fast. How did you manage to answer her, Ms Wardha?” – Anton

“The newscasting room looked like it was filled with a lot of robots!” – Mervyn (on sharing his reaction towards the remote control recorders hanging down from the ceiling)

“WOW! The radio stations look so colourful!” – Jia En

“It is quite scary being on TV. Are they taught how to act – or how to react quickly?” – Zhang Chi

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