PreSchool @ Fusionopolis Brings Festive Cheer to the Physically Disabled

February 19, 2018

“I am Compassionate”

Our preschoolers visited SPD (formerly known as Society for the Physically Disabled) recently, which is one of the largest volunteer organisations in Singapore. The visit is a continuous effort by MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis’ social responsibility drive to promote compassion among the children and to raise awareness for people with disabilities.


As Chinese New Year was in the air, our Kindergarten 2 preschoolers performed dances to Chinese New Year songs and distributed mandarin oranges which they helped to prepare the day before.

While most people shy away from people with disabilities, the children were more than willing to join them in the festivities and fostered an attitude of inclusion and acceptance during the visit.


Raising awareness for people with disabilities

Research has shown that children who interact with people with disabilities have less fear of interacting with those who are different from them. They are also more likely to develop positive self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills when their experience of such interactions is positive.


An enriching visit like this strengthens the ‘I am compassionate’ value in our preschoolers and raises their awareness and sensitivity towards people with disabilities. The children expressed sadness when it was time to say goodbye and they wished they could spend more time at SPD.


Last year, the centre held a charity drive to raise funds for SPD. A representative from SPD was also present to meet our preschoolers and answer any questions from them.