MindChamps Preschoolers @ Liang Court Enjoy Unforgettable Camping Trip

July 25, 2017

As a lead-up to the highly successful March Camp, MindChamps @ Liang Court organised an unforgettable 2D/1N Jurong Bird Park camping trip for the kindergarten champs from 21st to 22nd July.

Upon arrival, the little champs got together busily pitching their tents, in a cosy setting overlooking the beautiful Flamingo Lake.

They were thrilled too, to have the opportunity to feed the friendly lorises and having them perch on their shoulders during one of the feeding sessions.



That night, the champs embarked on a ‘Confident Night Walk’ where they explored the star-lit jungle and entered Asia’s first nocturnal house to learn more about owls.

Additional highlights of the event included learning about conservation efforts to save the pelicans, hornbills and toucans from being endangered. The champs were also captivated by ‘King of the Skies’ show where they witnessed the ferocious flying predators – eagles, vultures and hawks up-close.



This camp has not only provided the pre-schoolers with different opportunities to develop important life skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, leadership, socialisation, and problem-solving which are necessary tools to become successful adults, but also building and promoting confidence and independence skills. Kudos to team MindChamps@ Liang Court for putting this event together and the parents for their continuous trust and support.