“How can I be more involved in my preschooler’s learning journey?”

September 16, 2019

A supportive parent-teacher partnership is essential to bring out the best in your child. After all, parents and preschools have a shared goal – to build a positive and collaborative partnership to maximise your child’s potential.

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. In our modern Singapore context, the village takes the form of loving teachers in kindergartens or playgroups who support your child’s learning, well-being and overall development.

By having open communication coupled with respectful exchange of information and suggestions, teachers and parents can better understand the children’s needs and complement each other’s efforts in and outside of the preschool. As teachers cannot do this alone, it is important to get parents on board and be involved.

Here are some tips on how parents can collaborate with preschool teachers to support their children’s learning journey.

1. Establish trust and honest communication with the preschool

Build mutual understanding and a respectful relationship with your child’s kindergarten teacher. When parents and teachers share information and feedback openly, both parties will be able to work out the best approach for your child.

Be open to each other’s point of view and be flexible to accept alternatives offered by the school as every school has its mode of operations. Recognise that teachers have your child’s interest at heart and want what’s best for them just like you do.

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2. Regular dialogue sessions with preschool teachers

If you have specific concerns for your child or would like the teachers to share their perspective on certain developmental needs of your child, raise this up with the teachers.

You can communicate this through face-to-face conversations or in writing via the school handbook or online platforms. Parents and teachers can learn from each other’s experience or come together to share recourses to provide the best support for your child’s learning journey.

3. Being involved in preschools

Parents who are working may find it a challenge to volunteer in preschools. However, your active participation has many benefits for your child. Seeing mummy or daddy being hands-on in the preschool helps children to develop a more positive attitude towards school and learning.

There are many opportunities where parents can be engaged, such as helping out in centre celebrations such as Chinese New Year and Christmas as well as centre activities like Family Day. These make excellent family bonding moments too as you have common experiences to talk about as your child sees you playing an active role in school.

Parents of children at MindChamps PreSchool are encouraged to participate in the lessons in school by being a “Mystery Guest” where they share about their occupations, hobbies or interests. Children are fascinated to see new faces coming in as “educators” for the day and this encourages curiosity and a keen sense of discovery.

Another area of involvement in MindChamps is being a “Mystery Reader”, where parents come in to read a story to the class. Parents who enjoy cooking are roped in for “Mystery Chef” where they conduct a Gourmet Moments session by teaching children healthy recipes that they can whip up with their parents.

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Depending on your availability and experience, there will always be suitable participation avenues to support your child’s learning journey as he progresses from playgroup to nursery and kindergarten. Your involvement in the school will mean so much to your child as they watch you contribute to their learning journey in the school.

Written by Susan Koh


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