Project Save and Love: A MindChamps PreSchool @ Serangoon Initiative

June 22, 2017

When is a tree not just a tree?

You may have heard the old phrase; ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’; it’s  an expression which basically means a person is more preoccupied with the details of the problem than to look at the big picture.

And speaking of ‘big picture’ problems, when it comes to the environment no matter what part of the world we live in, we’re all aware that our environment is constantly changing.  Global warming, different types of weather patterns, climate change, pollution, deforestation and the list goes on. When it comes to the environment, raising awareness of that ‘big picture’, of what we can do and how we can be more environmentally conscious within the community is something that can certainly help instigate change.

When it comes to environmental awareness, the Little Champs at MindChamps PreSchool @ Serangoon are focussing on both the details and the big picture.

After months of preparation from the MindChamps PreSchool teachers and Young Champs, the PreSchool held an Earth Day event at their school, entitled  ‘Project Save and Love’ on the 13th April 2017, with all proceeds going to the National Park – Plant a Tree Programme.


Project Save and Love was designed to educate, raise awareness of the environmental challenges that the world faces, and also, in conjunction with the National Park programme be aware of the importance of trees to the environment.

This well-attended event proved to be a great success for all concerned with great food, special dance performances from the Young Champs, who also donated for sale their own special arts and crafts made from recycled products.


Parents also had a great time and inspired by these ‘Eco Champs’ were pledging $ 200 each for tree saplings to be planted at a special tree planting ceremony.

Alexis one of the Young Champs at Serangoon, summed up the day like this,

“I hope to tell everyone that  Mother Earth is very precious because if we don’t take care of her, she will be very dirty and ugly.  It is very important because the Earth is our home.”


Nurturing compassion is just one of the many qualities taught in MindChamps PreSchools and on this as on so many other occasions, their compassion shone brightly.  These Young Champs are certainly seeing past the trees to the forest and beyond.

 Watch the video: