5 Must-Ask Questions for Choosing Reading Programmes for Nursery Kids in Singapore

April 18, 2019

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

Research has shown that early literacy in children is key to performing better in school.

As children advance from infancy to nursery in Singapore, their language development grows by leaps and bounds. To groom a champion reader, it is essential to cultivate good reading habits and nurture their love for books.

Besides selecting age-appropriate titles and reading with your child, children can benefit greatly from a structured reading programme which provides the best reading foundation with progressive outcome at each stage.

To help you shortlist a suitable reading programme for your child, here are five questions you must ask.

Choosing reading programmes for nursery kids in Singapore – 5 questions to consider

1. How old should I start my child on a reading programme?

The early years are crucial for a child’s literacy development. At the age of three, most children attending nursery in Singapore will begin to recognise letters and sounds of the alphabet, which gears them up for reading.

Starting a reading programme for kids at this age will fire up their interest in books, as they learn how words come together in their favourite storybooks.

By equipping your child with essential reading skills and good reading habits from a young age, reading will come naturally with their new found confidence.

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2. Is a reading programme necessary if my child is in nursery class at a preschool in Singapore?

While children in nursery class may be exposed to reading, there may not be enough opportunities to fully develop the skills they need for reading.

The MindChamps Reading programme that is aimed at nursery kids in Singapore helps them develop proficiency in phonics, build vocabulary and improve their reading fluency, among other skills. As children progress in their literacy journey at every milestone, they will be motivated to become more proficient readers.

3. Will a reading programme for kids take the joy away from reading?

Children learn best when they are having fun. In the Joey programme of MindChamps Reading, beginner readers pick up essential skills like reading, pre-writing, speaking and listening through multi-sensorial activities such as songs, rhymes and poems while having fun.

By engaging children with fun and interesting lessons, kids will discover the joy of reading as they grow in confidence to read by themselves.

4. How can parents be involved in the reading programme?

By being actively engaged with your child’s learning journey, reading will be less daunting and more rewarding for your enthusiastic learners.

For the MindChamps Reading programme, there will be workshops conducted for parents to learn the best strategies in supporting their children’s reading when they are at home. In addition, parents with children enrolled in the programme will receive feedback on a weekly basis to allow them to track their child’s progress.

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5. How do I know which reading programme suits my child who is in nursery class?

With so many reading programmes for kids, shortlisting a suitable one for your child can be challenging.

Start by understanding your child’s learning style and finding out the gaps in their reading. Besides improving your child’s reading skills, you want to ensure that the right learning mindset is imparted instead of drilling your child.

To identify your child’s reading ability, you can start off with the MindChamps Literacy Assessment, where they have one of the world’s most comprehensive and accurate measure of a child’s reading ability. Through the assessment, you’ll be given a clear profile of your child’s literacy ability and areas for improvement.

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Reading is an essential life skill that will give children an edge when they start primary school. Build a strong foundation now and your child will be a champion reader for life.

Written by Susan Koh


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