4 Hallmarks of Successful Reading Programmes for Kids

June 5, 2018

Good reading programmes for kids boast of similar outcomes for your child.

While these programmes are absolutely vital for your child’s early learning development, it can be difficult to find the right one.

Here are a few hallmarks of a successful reading programme for kids.

Reading programmes should inspire confidence in children

Most kids do not start out as voracious readers and may even dislike reading at first. Other than teaching them the basics like alphabets and phonetics, a good reading programme would build a love for reading in kids as well.

In the MindChamps Reading and Writing programme, story-telling, colouring and games are incorporated into the curriculum. Children have fun while learning and will look at reading in a positive light.

One of the goals of the programme is for kids to have fun while reading so they will start to read on their own, and interactive storytelling is one way to achieve that.

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Including parents in the learning process

Most reading programmes only run for a few hours a week at most, so the time a child spends at home will contribute to their improvement greatly.

The MindChamps Reading and Writing programme boasts various take-home activities, such as eBooks and suggested readings. Parents will also have opportunities to attend workshops on how to best support their children’s reading at home.

On top of that, teachers will provide regular feedback, so parents are aware of the areas that their children are weak at and can work on improving them.

Successful reading programmes ensure that kids understand the text fully

All reading programmes ensure that children will be able to read, but the better ones emphasise on reading comprehension.

It is important that a child understands what they are reading as only then will they see reading as something to be enjoyed.

At MindChamps, words are taught through the integrated phonics approach, enabling kids to understand the meaning and context of each word so they would be able to use the word in their daily lives.

Reading comprehension also builds confidence in children as they would be able to express themselves with a greater vocabulary.

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Motivated teachers and interesting curriculum

Having enthusiastic and caring teachers will also make a huge difference in your child’s learning. Lessons have to be engaging in order to capture the kids’ short attention span and fully utilise curriculum time.

Some reading programmes might focus too much on drilling the child, which may cause them to lose interest quickly.

The best teachers have a good grasp on the curriculum and know how to put a spin on it. A varied selection of books will also help children find their favourite genres and promote a love for reading.

Exposure to different texts will also prevent things from getting dry and get them excited about each session.

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It is essential to cultivate good reading habits from a young age in order for future academic progression as well as personal development. Thus, it is important to select a good reading programme which will spark interest in kids.

Written by Steffi Wee

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