Help Your Child Overcome the Fear of Show and Tell with Drama Classes in Singapore

May 14, 2019

Our Champ’s mummy and daddy brought in their dogs for show and tell.

Being on stage can be a terrifying experience for young children. Even for kids who are usually outspoken, it’s unsurprising to see them freeze up or get tongue-tied the moment they stand in front of their classmates or teachers for show and tell.

While being stage confident may come naturally for some children, being in the spotlight can be nerve-wracking for others. Since we know that public speaking will be an essential life skill in the future economy, how can we make it less intimidating for reserved kids?

The good news is, public speaking can be mastered and a fun way to do it is through drama classes in Singapore.

What separates a good speech and drama class from the rest? Find out now!

How drama classes in Singapore prepare kindergarten kids for show and tell

Kindergarten children in Singapore usually start show and tell when they are able to articulate and express their thoughts and feelings.

Show and tell gives children the opportunity to hone their communication skills when they make presentations in class. As show and tell is two-way, preschoolers also practice effective listening when they pay close attention so that they can pose meaningful questions to their friends.

In drama classes, there are many opportunities for children to take centre stage through performing. This helps reserved kids to slowly build up their confidence and shed their inhibitions in front of a crowd.

Drama classes in Singapore are not only for little aspiring actors. By going for drama classes and kids’ theatre programmes such as MindChamps’ Actors Centre Kids, children will get to express their thoughts and ideas through engaging theatrical forms like acting and poetry. When children have a safe and nurturing environment, they will feel encouraged to participate which allows their creativity to flourish.

In the Actors Centre Kids’ 10-week programme, trainers impart practical communication skills like projecting their voice and articulating their words to help kids to speak confidently. Soft skills such as collaboration and working well with others will also be part and parcel of their learning journey as kids rehearse and put up performances together.

Unlike other drama programmes in Singapore, Actors Centre Kids is not geared towards a strict examination curriculum. This approach makes the experience less pressurising for introverts, allowing them to enjoy the learning process and discover their strengths.

As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”. When children are given more opportunities to act and perform in a safe environment, they will overcome their stage jitters and have no reservations standing in front of a crowd.

How parents can get involved for kindergarten show and tell in Singapore

On the home front, be your child’s coach and cheerleader for their next show and tell. If your kids feel nervous about it, volunteer to be their audience and let them rehearse their presentation.

Guide your child to plan their presentation by asking questions to steer their thought process. Remind them to speak slowly and maintain eye contact with everyone during show and tell.

Parents, don’t forget to give them a high five when it’s all over too.

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Show and tell is a stepping stone to a bigger stage in the future. Prepare your child for life so that they can be confident when the stage is theirs.

Written by Susan Koh


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