Things to do at “I’m Proud Of You” – A Champion Family Festival

September 27, 2017

A Movement that Celebrates Children

It is a given that children need our love – and for the majority of children, a parent’s love is taken for granted. What many parents do not realise, however, is just how important it is for our children’s self-esteem that they understand we are also proud of them – not only for their achievements, but just for who they are.

Children’s individual accomplishments, big and small, should be celebrated every day.

The “I’m Proud of You” movement, initiated by MindChamps, aims to dedicate one day each year to drawing attention to that celebration, providing parents with the perfect opportunity to appreciate their children’s little victories.

We welcome you to be a part of this new global initiative. A movement to make the ones that matter the most to us feel accomplished, so that they are ready to take advantage of the host of opportunities that the world has to offer them.

“I’m Proud of You” – A Champion Family Festival

Our survey, which polled 306 respondents between the ages of 15 to 60 years old, showed that for 75.8% of respondents these four words coming from their loved ones were vitally important.

These four simple words can make a world of difference to our kids’ future.

The “I’m Proud of You” Carnival is held in conjunction with the Children’s Day celebrations to provide engaging activities for families to experience together.

There will be specially created activities in three zones – the Learning Zone, the Creative Zone and the Champion Zone – allowing parents and children to share true quality time and bond with each other.

What to expect at Singapore’s Largest Family Festival

Things to do - Champion Family Festival

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