“We’re amazed at how well they can read and write now!” – Parents, MindChamps @ Upper Thomson

March 12, 2018

To develop the reading and writing skills in our preschoolers, the MindChamps Reading & Writing (MRW) programme is offered as one of the enrichment programmes within the preschool curriculum.

This programme is based on the latest scientific research into language acquisition of children and emphasises the importance of a child’s engagement with language.

Conducted once a week for N2, K1 and K2 Champs at our preschools, the MRW lessons incorporate age-appropriate activities, which includes the ‘Say and Sing’ approach to developing phonemic and phonics awareness.

Here, the parents of our Champs from MindChamps PreSchool @ Upper Thomson shares how the MRW lessons have helped to develop their children’s early reading and writing skills.

Ms Li Na, Mum of Marcus Ong

mindchamps thomson

“Marcus is able to articulate his thoughts and speaks excitedly about his experiences. For example, he can relate the series of events that took place when releasing the class pet butterfly and the excursion to the supermarket. (Sidenote: He could even give me a ‘tour’ of the place after the excursion!)

“Marcus has also learnt to read basic words and his ability to spell has also improved. He has gained the confidence to have a go at spelling unfamiliar words.

“Given that he does not use Mandarin a lot at home, I also glad that he has not turned away from the language, and even initiates reading Chinese books at home. All this is possible thanks to the encouragement from his teachers. I must say, their choice of the weekly loan of English and Mandarin books are thoughtful, and Marcus looks forward to reading these books to me.”

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Ms Diana, Mum of Kyler

mindchamps thomson

“We would like to share Kyler’s literacy assessment results with all his teachers who have taught him. If not for their guidance, he would not be able to recognise 26 small cap letters and repeat phonetically after his tester.

“We truly appreciate all your efforts.”

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