EducationWhy MindChamps’ 3-Mind Approach Works Best for Early Childhood Education

August 7, 2022

The importance of early childhood education in and beyond Singapore should never be underestimated, nor can it ever be overstated either. Considering this, many parents and preschools tend to place a heavy emphasis on what and how much their children are learning each day. However, just as important—if not more so—are the learning methods we cultivate in our children. 

A child’s early years form the foundation for their future development, and acts as a cornerstone for their learning ability and interest in learning. Essentially, how a child is taught to learn during their early childhood acts as a building block for their lifelong learning habits and personal success in the future — not only in terms of academic achievements, but the social development and general cognition as well.  

Thus, it is crucial that we hold the pedagogies we use in early childhood education to the highest standards and scrutiny possible, such that we can best support our children to learn and grow throughout their lives, no matter the area of knowledge they wish to pursue or the environment they are placed in out of choice or circumstance. 

Issues in Early Childhood Education in Singapore

Unfortunately, traditional rote learning methods are still widely practised in many Singapore homes and preschools. While facilitative of swift development of foundational knowledge and recall ability in young children, rote learning methods feature numerous innate disadvantages, including but not limited to: 

  • Being repetitive and dull, making it easy for children to lose focus 
  • Disallowing a deeper understanding of the subjects being taught
  • Establishing no connections between previous and new knowledge
  • Easily misleading children to incorrect impressions and conceptual internalisation

Parents and preschools employing rote learning methods for early childhood education should take a step back to re-evaluate the inherent disadvantages that come along with doing so and consider other teaching methods for our children instead — ones that will do them better in the long run

MindChamps 3-Mind Approach

Considering the above, MindChamps worked alongside established international experts and drew upon demonstrated research in the four distinct domains of Education, Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre, and how children learn best to birth the MindChamps 3-Mind Approach. Synthesising evidence-backed theories and practices, MindChamps created this pedagogy that effectively emphasises teaching children the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’.

Through a carefully curated curriculum, MindChamps cultivates the Champion Mind, Learning Mind, and Creative Mind of preschool children, equipping them with the right mindset and tools that will enable them to focus on transferable skills and strategies of learning

Development of the Champion Mind empowers children to seek unconventional wisdom despite adversity and the resistance that comes with going against or ahead the status quo. Development of the Learning Mind arms children with tested learning strategies they can leverage to not just store and recall learned concepts, but also understand, synthesise, and apply them in varying contexts. Lastly, development of the Creative Mind gives children the capacity to connect multiple perspectives and integrate them together to solve problems, generate new ideas, and express their creativity. 

Find out more about MindChamps’ 3-Mind Approach and the pedagogy we apply at all our institutions. 

The 3-Mind Approach directly addresses the apparent gaps in rote learning methods often used for early childhood education, allowing for: 

  • cultivation of learning interest that facilitates active engagement
  • a deeper understanding of all subjects taught
  • easy connection of previous and new knowledge
  • surety of conceptual correctness and internalisation

Cultivate Your Child’s 3-Minds with MindChamps

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