MindChamps Chinese PreSchool - Our Playgroup Curriculum

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool is a bilingual pre-school that offers both academic and enrichment programmes for children from 18 months to 6 years old in the Playgroup, Nursery and Kindergarten levels. Chinese language is the primary language of communication between teachers and children. In addition to the emphasis on Mandarin, English is used during selected core and enrichment programmes.

Studies have shown that being bilingual gives your child an advantage in learning. When children learn different languages during the early years, this leads to better problem solving and critical thinking skills, and the ability to stay focused on a task longer.

Kindergarten Class

Learning through Fun and Engaging Ways

At MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, our playgroup children develop a love and appreciation for the Chinese language by learning about vocabulary, sentence construction and intonation through fun and interactive learning methods. For example, during a Gourmet Moments session, your child will be introduced to using and recognising kitchen tools in food preparation, and he/she will participate in scooping, pouring, adding and measuring food ingredients. Through such observation and hands-on activities, the playgroup children will learn about familiar food around them, and are introduced to words  such as ‘biscuit’, ‘lollipops’, ‘noodles’, ‘round’, ‘flat’ etc. Your child will establish connection among the corresponding words, while developing their language skills at the same time.

mindchamps boy

Smooth Transition to Primary School

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool incorporates the use of both English and Chinese language from Playgroup to Kindergarten level. The bilingual curriculum is designed to be mindful of proficiency in both languages, so that your child has solid foundation built by the time he/she enters primary school.

Mindchamps Girl

Learning about the Chinese Culture

As an important part of the Chinese culture, Chinese ink painting emphasises the use of brush techniques. As our playgroup Champs are in the stage of developing their motor skills, they do not use ink brushes. Instead the ‘play with water and ink’ activity cultivates interest in Chinese painting. Water, ink and colour play is suitable for the mental and physical development of the playgroup children. Through the story ‘Dots’, our teachers guide your child to appreciate ink and the use of colours, thus forming a foundational understanding of the basic materials of ink painting. By using fingers instead of a brush to feel and experience the method of writing and the basic way of painting, we guide the playgroup children to experience the wonderful transformation of ink on rice paper and to comprehend the water absorption characteristics of rice paper. Additionally, by drawing a circle, a straight line, a wave and a spiral, this process cultivates your child’s imagination and hand-eye coordination.