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To foster the power and potential of the human mind, body and spirit for a better tomorrow.
To build a world of MindChampions – empowered with the mindset of 100% RESPECT, Zero Fear
Social Charter
Education Enables
MindChamps is committed to the creation of educational opportunities where they would not otherwise exist.
5 Core Values
6 Core Themes

The Core Themes come alive when we strike a balance between the creative and practical, the individual and team, hard work and the sheer pleasure of achievement.

The DNA of the MindChampion Is In You!

When a baby is born, it is born with an infinite potential for success with the ability to grow and learn coded in its DNA.
The question then arises: “Why can’t everyone unlock the potential?”

Recent advances in the science of epigenetics strongly suggest that we all possess the genes for success. Whether we express these genes to achieve our potential depends very much on our experiences. Particularly our experiences in the early years.

The MindChamps foundation model for learning in the 21st Century is called the Three Minds – an advantageous, practical model comprising three distinct qualities:

  1. The Champion Mind – Celebrating the individual’s uniqueness, going beyond conventional wisdom and overcoming adversity to achieve success.
  2. The Learning Mind – Learning How to Learn strategies that actively assist our learner to understand, store, recall and synthesise information and concepts.
  3. The Creative Mind – Connecting multiple perspectives and integrating them to generate new, creative ideas.

Complementing the 3-Mind education model is the MindChamps Education and Life Philosophy: 100% Respect, Zero Fear, that leads our students to believe in themselves as well as others.

This offers our children that ultimate DNA potential. Of course, this model of education is a lot stronger with the parents’ understanding and engagement of what they can do to assist their child.

MindChamps is about working hand-in-hand to unlock your child’s full potential. We call it “The DNA of the MindChampion is in You”.