LATEST UPDATESCOVID-19 Precautionary Measures

LATEST UPDATESCOVID-19 Precautionary Measures

MindChamps PreSchool has been monitoring the Novel Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) situation very closely. The well-being of our Champs and staff is our top priority.

We are working closely with Ministry of Health (MOH) and Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) for updates and guidelines with regard to handling the current situation.

The following precautionary measures and contingency plans have been put in place for the safety and well-being of our Champs and staff:

1. Centre Operations

• Parents, Guardians and Helpers are to drop their Champs off outside the centre (i.e. at the main entrance, without entering the premise) or, where safety is a concern for the younger Champs, inside the centre at the reception area. Adults are not allowed to go past the “Butterfly Gate” that leads to our classrooms.
• Parents, Guardians and Helpers will be requested to keep their social distance of at least 1 metre from each other.
• Temperature taking of Champs and Staff is carried out 3 times a day.
• Staggered incoming will be communicated to parents if necessary. Dismissal of Champs will be done mindfully.
• Group activities such as fire drills, centre celebrations, birthday celebrations and excursions have been suspended to minimise the risk exposure until further notice.
• Champs and Staff with symptoms of the flu, coughs and/or fevers of more than 37.5°C will not be allowed to enter the centre.
• Cleaning and sanitisation of classrooms, toilets, doorknobs and other common areas are done several times a day.
• Champs are encouraged to wash and/or sanitise their hands regularly.
• Hand sanitisers are available in all classrooms, reception and common areas.

2. Travel Declaration

  • Effective from 20 March 2020, 11.59pm, all Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, Long-Term Pass holders and short-term visitors entering Singapore will be issued a 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN).
  • Leave of Absence (LOA) for Champs will be given if a household member has:
    • recently returned from any country to Singapore after 25 March 2020, 11.59pm, or
    • returned from the UK, US or ASEAN countries on or after 14 March 2020.
  • All Parents and Staff will be requested to fill in travel declaration forms upon the centre’s requests to inform the centre on any of the following:
    • New travel plans;
    • Cancellation or amendment for any past declared trips;
    • Champs who have been in contact with people who have been to China;
    • Champs who are living in the same household as someone on Stay Home Notice (SHN) or Home Quarantine Order (HQO)

3. Centre Tours

  • As part of our measures in safeguarding our Champs, centre tours are only conducted during the following timings:
    • 7pm on weekdays
    • Saturday mornings or after 2pm

Kindly note that the timings above may differ from centre to centre. Please contact the centre you wish to visit to confirm the timings available.

  • Centre tours are organised strictly on appointment-basis only.
  • Additional videos and photos of the centres will be shared with parents during the tour.
  • All Staff, Parents and Visitors are required to fill in travel declaration forms. Visitors who have travelled overseas within the last 14 days will not be allowed to enter the centre.
  • Temperature checks will be conducted before the centre tour.
  • Visitors will be required to wear a mask and disposable booties during the school tour.
  • Only 2 adults are allowed per visit.
  • We seek your understanding that there may be some restrictions in the center tour, for example, no entry into the classrooms.

4. Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)

  • Our Champs’ and Staff’s well-being is our top priority. At MindChamps PreSchool, our Staff is trained and briefed to react to emergency situations and MOH and ECDA’s stringent advisories and guidelines from MindChamps HQ.
  • The management and implementation of the necessary actions by the Singapore Government to contain the COVID-19 situation has received worldwide recognition and praises from World Health Organisation (WHO). MindChamps PreSchool will thus adhere to the Singapore authorities and the decisions made with regard to handling the outbreak of COVID-19.
  • To respect the privacy of all our Champs and families, Staff and Visitors, all information provided to us in declaration forms will be kept confidential. We will not reveal any information which is privy to the government authorities to keep Singapore safe.
  • Rest assured that we are working very closely with the government authorities and strictly follow protocols as advised by the authorities. We will provide timely updates to our Champ’s families where necessary.

5. Community Events

  • With the advisory from MOH on safe distancing and suspension of large-scale gatherings, we will be cancelling all community events such as Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC), parental involvement events, combined class festive celebrations, etc.

These additional measures will mitigate the potential risks posed when large groups are congregated.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation in assisting us to create a safe environment for our Champs. For any queries, please call us at 6828 2688 or email us at [email protected].