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HiDoc Exclusive Rates for MindChamps

GP Consultation
Consultation with fee capped at $70 nett with medication and delivery included
Promo code: HDMCHDC01
Travel Related Pre PCR (In-clinic), Pre Dpt PCR (Home-based), Supervised ART (In-Clinic)
10% off: PCR (in-clinic, home-based), Supervised ART (in-clinic), flu vaccine
$12 nett for Tele-ART
Promo code: HDMCHDC02

Hidoc x Expat Dental Exclusive
10% off these services:
• Chair Ride For Your Little One ($65) – Promo Code: HDMCEP01
• Parent Rejuvenation Package ($165) – Promo Code: HDMCEP02
• Outstanding Orthodontics ($120) – Promo Code: HDMCEP03

First-time registered Hidoc user Exclusive
$10 Credit to offset any purchase or services
• For teleconsultation – HDMC01
• For products – HDMC02

Terms and Conditions

• Users will book appointments and purchase products/services within the Hidoc app.
• Users will need to present their MindChamps membership for verification.

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