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How We Boost Your Child’s Confidence in Reading

Through MindChamps Reading, we help your child to master the eight essential skills that will provide a solid foundation in reading and nurture him/her into a skilled reader for life.

This is achieved through our integrated phonics approach, which teaches your child to form word sounds by blending phonemes (i.e. the smallest unit of sound) and graphemes (i.e. a way of writing phonemes). As your child learns to better understand the text he/she reads and writes, he/she will become better able to express thoughts, ideas and emotions when communicating with others.


An Interactive Way of Learning How to Read

One of the key highlights of MindChamps Reading is our Read-Along mobile app, which features a comprehensive collection of eBooks and interactive activities. Written by Brian Caswell, Dean of Research & Programme Development at MindChamps, each story in the eBook collection comes with a catchy song, an interactive reading and listening experience and a set of activities that help to strengthen your child’s phonological and phonemic awareness.

Apart from being used by our trainers for in-class lessons, the Read-Along app is also available for you to download on your mobile phone to help your child revise and practise his/her reading skills at home.

The Read-Along app is available for download on both Google Play and the App Store. Your child’s trainer will provide you with the sign-in details at the start of the programme.


Programme Details

Based on the results of the literacy assessment your child takes prior to enrolment, he/she will start our reading programme at the level that best matches his/her current needs.

Beginner Level

This programme is focused on giving your child the best foundation for reading. This is achieved through exposure to the four key essentials of language development – reading, pre-writing, speaking and listening.

Trainers will read curated books together with your child and use simple questions to encourage him/her to think more deeply about the story and its characters. Multisensory activities are also used to develop your child’s phonemic awareness as he/she identifies individual sounds in spoken words, as well as to inject fun and creativity into each class.

Your child will also be introduced to pre-writing activities such as pattern-making and the preformation of letters.

With this programme, your child will be able to:

· Recognise letters and sounds of the alphabets

· Expand the use of spoken vocabulary

· Tell and retell stories confidently

· Write his/her own name and common 3- and 4-letter words

· Understand the basics of print, such as capital letters and punctuation

Intermediate Level

Your child will continue building on the four essentials of language development. With more developed skills, your child will be exposed to a wide range of text formats and learn to read independently.

In class, your child will participate in discussions about the stories and passages that he/she has read. This will help your child to develop oral (speaking) and receptive (listening) skills, as well as learn to share his/her views confidently with others.

Trainers will also demonstrate correct reading behaviours and guide your child closely to expand his/her vocabulary, strengthen his/her phonics foundation and explore new types and styles of text.

With this programme, your child will be able to:

· Use extensive spoken vocabulary

· Write about personal experiences using correct grammar and punctuation marks

· Identify digraphs (a combination of two letters representing one sound, as in ph)

· Appreciate and narrate stories in his/her own words

· Respond to questions and participate in discussions confidently

· Develop strong comprehension skills

Advanced Level

With a strong foundation in reading, writing, speaking and listening, your child is now ready to discover that a language can be used in various ways and for different purposes.

As your child continues to practise the key areas of language, he/she will be encouraged to express personal thoughts and feelings in both verbal and written form. Trainers will also help your child learn to verbally express a connection between themes and ideas by relating simple analogies to his/her own experiences.

With this programme, your child will be able to:

· Read passages confidently with active understanding of story points

· Be able to relate points covered in passages to his/her life

· Use correct punctuation marks, grammar structures, pronouns, conjunctions and adverbial phrases

· Pen down ideas, feelings and information

· Compose his/her own stories with simple sentences


Tracking Your Child’s Progress and Home Learning Support

Throughout the programme, your child will be given weekly home tasks to reinforce the lessons learnt in class. You will be able to track your child’s progress through the feedback left by your child’s teacher.

There will also be parent workshops conducted every term to help you learn the best strategies to support your child’s reading journey at home.