Activate the
DNA in Your Child

Primary 1 & 2
Research has shown that the way a child is taught to think and learn before the age of 10 will significantly influence all future brain development. This programme addresses this by developing effective learning and thinking strategies in Early Primary students.
Primary 3 & 4
This programme is specially designed to give primary school students the skills and techniques that will change the way they learn forever. It nurtures their ‘Champion Mindset’ – the springboard to launch an impressive academic journey.
Primary 5 & 6
This programme recognises the Upper Primary Years as key in the development of your child’s future potential. It is built around these three key elements:

  • Personal Empowerment
  • The 4 ‘A’s of Active Learning™
  • Oral Preparation Skills


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Secondary to Tertiary
This programme is for students engaged in Secondary, Junior College and Tertiary studies. As an extension to the Pri 5 & 6 programme, it is built upon a platform of:

  • Personal Empowerment
  • The 4 ‘A’s of Active Learning™
  • Confident Communication and Interpersonal Skills