Optimal Flow Method

MindChamps’ Optimal Flow Method™  enables children to fill in all the gaps in his schoolwork with this proprietary method. Based on latest research findings, the MindChamps Optimal Flow Method helps students actively understand new concepts, linking them to knowledge previously learnt, to create an all-inclusive link of subjects. Students who fare poorly in exams are often failing to connect with the content they are being taught. It is seldom a reflection on the children’s ability, or even on the curriculum content. Rather, the method of instruction is failing the children.

MindChamps Singapore PSLE intensive program Optimal Flow
In traditional learning environments, pieces of a subject are often taught in isolation, and the students fail to grasp an overview or make connections between units. They learn content without understanding it. Consequently, students feel overwhelmed by information and the ensuing stress worsens their performance. 
Tutoring and coaching strategies that merely consist of drilling – or ‘more of the same’ – do not solve the basic problem.

Joining the Pieces Together
Based on the latest research findings of how the brain works, the Optimal Flow Method allow students to able to join pieces of content together into a coherent whole, and connect in a meaningful way with any subject. By consistently applying the Optimal Flow Method – a breakthrough method employed in even in the MindChamps PSLE Success Programme, students will acquire what Professor Snyder has called the Champion Mindset. This is a state of heightened neural connectivity where the subconscious imagination is primed to recognise key connections in any given information and commit it to memory for association with other bodies of knowledge or disciplines. This process of Active Storage, association and synthesis leads to that wonderful approach known as ‘great ideas’ !

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