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Dr William Tan

Dr William Tan

Dr William Tan is the ideal Mentor for this programme, because he is the living definition of a MindChampion.  Despite being paralysed from the waist down since the age of two, and without the advantaged wealth or position many are born to, he nevertheless developed the mindset to become:

  • A multi-degree graduate of NUS, Newcastle, Auckland, Harvard and Oxford Universities
  • A highly-successful neuroscientist and physician
  • A Paralympian
  • A multiple gold-medallist
  • The first person in the world to accomplish a marathon in the North Pole in a wheelchair
  • A multi-world record holder in marathons (including the fastest time to accomplish 7 marathons across 7 continents including Antarctica – in 26 days and 17 hours)

Amongst all these achievements, he has also unselfishly raised over $18 million for children’s and medical charities.

To achieve more than we believe possible, we need role-models, and there is no better role-model than a man who has conquered so much adversity. Dr William possesses an insatiable appetite for learning (the Learning Mind) and an ability to creatively solve seemingly insurmountable challenges (the Creative Mind). His amazing achievements are grounded in his Champion Mindset – which gives him the resilience to overcome a world of adversity. His entire life is a celebration of the 3 Minds.

Preschool Circle

As a stage 4 cancer survivor, Dr William is an esteemed physician famous for both his skill and his empathy. He is a man who understands, first-hand, what it takes to overcome crippling adversity and achieve at the élite level – in the medical profession, in sport and in life – and he believes strongly in sharing his passion, his skills and his insights with young people.

The MindChamps Academy students will have the exciting privilege of experiencing regular mentoring sessions with this humble man who has achieved so much.

The Dream Team
An organisation renowned for its educational innovation and its creation of the 3 Minds method, an acclaimed, award-winning scientist whose body of work underpins it and a hero whose entire life exemplifies it – this is the Dream Team nurturing the MindChampion in your child.