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Find out how you can help your child improve writing, boost creativity and confidence, for a head start in his/her educational journey.

    Help Your Child Improve on Writing

    In school, students are given few or no tools to master the art of writing. This causes limitations in their writing that continue into their adult lives.

    To provide your child with necessary writing tools to help them produce good pieces of writing, the MindChamps Writing Programme was developed by internationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning author Brian Caswell, who has over 45 years of experience in education, research, and writing.

    Crafting Tales Through the MindChamps Writing Toolbox

    We start off by building a love for writing and equipping your child with a wide array of writing tools from K2 to P4. When the focus shifts to writing for exams in later years, your child will learn how to apply these tools to tell beautiful stories while under the pressure of exams.

    The MindChamps Writing Toolbox covers 21 elements of writing across 6 key skills:

    Syntax Construction Tools

    Language Enhancement Tools

    Planning and Structuring Tools

    Story Building Tools

    Polishing Tools

    Higher-Order Thinking Tools


    2-in-1 Programme for Creative and Composition Writing

    With our MindChamps Writing Programme, your child will gain important writing skills such as:

    K2 to P4 – Writing with Creativity

    • Write from different perspectives
    • Write with emotions
    • Describe the senses
    • Use ideas and experiences to write a story
    • Learn the basics of first- and third-person narratives
    • Learn about different writing genres and organise ideas in a structure way

    P5 – Writing for Exams

    • Develop skillsets to ace writing exams
    • Learn how to generate and expand ideas
    • Enhance creative and critical thinking skills
    • Acquire an in-depth understanding of narrative structure
    • Analyse model compositions and apply learnings to refine written work
    • Learn to plan, research and draft stories