Felicia Chin Yi Xuan

Mdm Hong Yuqin
Parent of Felicia Chin Yi Xuan

Ever since Felicia started attending her reading lessons at MindChamps, she has improved in the way she communicates with others as well as in her pronunciation of words. Importantly, she very much enjoys attending her lessons and always looks forward to her weekly class. Moreover, the trainers at MindChamps are very professional and I am amazed at their ability to handle children, especially in getting them to settle down and paying attention in class.


Bai Jian Liang
Parent of Zelene Bai

We enrolled Zelene into MindChamps Reading after seeing great improvement in her cousins who were taking other programs in MindChamps. Zelene was very happy after her first lesson and was very much looking forward to her next lesson.
We are really satisfied with her improvement; she has opened up and talks more about her classmates and teachers, her English literacy skills have also improved greatly, and she is now more independent than before


Mr Donald Tan & Ms Anne Ong
Parents of Ashley Tan

We wanted Ashley to develop the proper skill set towards learning rather than exposing her to a force-feeding approach. As such, we are delighted by the methods taught by MindChamps which has helped improve her ability to learn and apply it in school as well as outside her school curriculum. We also noticed a marked improvement in her vocabulary and written expression from her weekly exercises and in school.