MindChamps PreSchool @ Changi Business Park

Located in the heart of Changi Business Park and within walking distance from the Expo MRT Station. Space is a unique feature in our environment. With a spacious outdoor area that promotes important gross motor and coordination skills as well as an interactive water play feature that not just provides opportunities for extended learning but also promotes more cooperative play.

MindChamps Preschool @ Changi Business Park provides children with the best possible start, supported by 100% qualified and experienced teachers. In addition, our preschool provides a high number of teacher to child ratio ensuring each child receives a high level of attention.

51 Changi Business Park Central 2, #01-16, 486066

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I’m glad we made the right decision to let Hsuan En continue studying in PGB. Hsuan En has grown fond of her teacher Ms Priscilla and will mention her at home when she is playing with her toys. Whenever she sees something familiar, like a ukulele, she associates it with Ms Priscilla and their experiences together in school. When she sings or dances, she tells us that Ms Pricilla is the one who has taught her to do so, and she is full of smiles when she is reminiscing. I can tell she is very happy with this teacher and I, myself, am also very pleased with Ms Priscilla.

Cen laoshi on the other hand is more the motherly figure, and she takes very good care of Hsuan En in terms of food, rest, etc. which is a major concern for me. When we shower her at home, she will squat down and says she will not fall as a result. She says Pei Peilaoshi taught her so. Her safety is taken into serious concern, a fact I am very happy about. All these little gestures from the teachers may seem minor but they have put us parents at great ease.

Hsuan En now knows how to indicate to us when she needs to go to the bathroom. She can also differentiate many things, coming home and surprising us often. I believe the credit should go to you and your team.

I will also like to express my appreciation to Ms Diyah and MsAnu. Most of the time when I pick up Hsuan En and she’s with MsDiyah, she is always dancing happily. This means my daughter is happy and well, which gives me a peace of mind. I appreciate the school in taking serious concern over the Champs’ development apart from social skills, and despite being at such a young age.

All in all, I really appreciate you, your team and the school for putting in so much effort in taking care of the Champs!

Jolene Chua Parent of Chan Hsuan En

I need to thank you first, in approaching me regarding my son Inba’s health check, and letting me know how the school can help him. In short, I made the right decision in choosing MindChamps because, if not all, most schools do not take the initiative to do this. Every morning and evening, when I visit the school to take my boy home, I get so inspired by your staff. They work with spirit and energy from the start till the end of the day.

DhivyaGurusamy Parent of InbaDilip Kumar

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