Champions, Our Specialty

Mindchamps PreSchool boy with books

Our speciality: champions.
Our standing in premium early childhood education: Number 1.
Our programme: unique in freeing a natural flow in learning, nurturing your champion for the future.

A learner with the ‘Champion Mindset’ is not just good at learning. A champion learner is passionate about learning, hence the name. And this passion for discovery is best inculcated at a young age, before the routine and boredom of the average school experience stifles it.

At MindChamps, we are devoted to designing both core curriculum and enrichment programmes in nurturing your child right from the beginning in pre-school, all the way through to PSLE, secondary and tertiary where an all-encompassing education ensues. Our award-winning education institute, with our internationally-acclaimed experts, leave no stone unturned, where leading your child through his/her education is concerned.

Discover your complete set of tools for advanced learning approaches with understandings of early childhood mind and personality development:

Core Curriculum

Enrichment Programmes

(included in Full Day sessions)