MindChamps Curriculum – Kindergarten

With 33 easily accessible centers island-wide, MindChamps PreSchool offers a curriculum unlike any other, bringing together research and development from three distinct domains of Neuroscience, Child Psychology and Theatre, synthesised with Education.
The holistic programme is important in engaging young minds as we adopt an educational line-up that incorporates fun learning and nurtures them with the Champion Mindset.
Our bilingual curriculum prepares your pre-schooler for the transition from kindergarten to primary school. What’s more, our curriculum is designed to help children adapt to the academic environment and social aspects of Primary School.

mindchamps boy

Foundation & Core Curriculum

The symbol of MindChamps PreSchool is the bamboo plant. One of the most resilient plants in the world with roots that go deep, the mature bamboo plant is resistant to almost all natural threats – including typhoonsbecause it is flexible and every element of its structure supports one another.
Like the bamboo, MindChamps PreSchool cultivates solid ‘foundation’ skills and strategies designed to form a cumulative effect, developing competence in one or more key areas. Through our core curriculum units such as Inquiry Moments, Numeracy Strategies and The Love for Chinese Language, the foundation is set for desirable and lifelong learning at the kindergarten level.

Kindergarten Class

The Love for Chinese Language

Conducted one-and-a-half hours a day at Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 levels, The Love for Chinese Language provides our children with the ability to communicate with a larger community and prepares them for bilingual education in Primary 1. Other than imparting proficiency skills in the language, the rich cultural aspects involving drama, music, song and other aspects come alive for our students’ full immersion into the language.

Mindchamps Girl

Here I Come, P1

Every Kindergarten 2 class at MindChamps PreSchool undergoes the theme of Here I Come, P1 in its final two terms.

To illustrate, as part of their P1 preparation, our Kindergarten 2 Champs get to practice using money to buy things from a “pretend” primary school bookshop, which is set up in class. Here, Champs learn to identify items that are typically sold at the bookshop, such as books, crayons, pencils, erasers, rulers and other stationeries. They are also introduced to the pricing of the products and to set appropriate prices for each. At the end of the activity, our Champs will queue up to pay for the things they choose – this doubles up as a lesson on good manners and using the right phrases.