MindChamps Curriculum – Playgroup

Start Them Young

During the early learning years, children learn new meaning and connect to the things and people around them. Also at this time, they begin to develop social skills by learning to play alongside their peers.

All these skills will help them transit to the more structured learning environment of their pre-school years. As parents, we have to balance our desire to see our children demonstrate new skills with the trust that if we are doing all the right things, our children will become brilliant students.

The Three Minds

The MindChamps foundation model for learning in the 21st Century is called The Three Minds – an advantageous, practical model comprising three distinct qualities:

  1. The Champion Mind – Celebrating the individual’s uniqueness, going beyond conventional wisdom and overcoming adversity to achieve success.
  2. The Learning Mind – Learning How to Learn strategies that actively assist our learner to understand, store, recall and synthesise information and concepts.
  3. The Creative Mind – Connecting multiple perspectives and integrating them to generate new, creative ideas.

Complementing the 3-Mind education model is the MindChamps Education and Life Philosophy  of 100% Respect, Zero Fear that leads our students to believe in themselves as well as others.

By setting the foundation in place, this gives children a positive head start in learning and interaction in the playgroup years.

mindchamps boy

Champion Values and EQ-Building Strategies

Instilling the belief that one can be the best that they can be and cultivating social skills relating to EQ should start during childhood. Fear, whether of speaking up or in interacting with others, is a learnt response – programmed in childhood and lodged in the subconscious mind.

Thus, it is essential that we cultivate self-confidence and social skills in children at an early age.

At MindChamps, playgroup children accomplish these crucial foundation skills through sharing in groups and nurturing responses to the needs and views of others. In other words, they learn empathy, which is vital for interaction with their peers. Our curriculum encompasses multi-sensory experiences such as music, stories, songs, puppetry and kinesthetic activities to develop such social awareness and empathy.

Kindergarten Class

Creativity and Theatrical Strategies

Young children learn through their own way, unlike adults or even older siblings. They learn best through ‘Crafted Play’ – which lets your child  experience and make discoveries at his own pace. Children are active learners and they will learn well if they are engaged in the process with enthusiasm and active involvement.

Creativity and Theatrical Strategies are developed within the playgroup programme through expertly-crafted, theatrical-centered activities. Examples include ‘Physical Becoming Exercises’, ‘Creative Impulse Exercises’, thinking questions and creative expression, as well as exploration through different media to engage young minds and bring life to every aspect of the curriculum.

Mindchamps Girl

Communication Strategies

Communication skills are important today, with strong playgroup foundations forming the basis of communication and the cultivation of language in children.

Communication Strategies, an essential module in the MindChamps PreSchool curriculum, boasts a variety of engaging social activities. This enables playgroup children to form their own responses, an important first step in speaking up.

Language skills are further enhanced through the specialised MindChamps Natural Literacy and Reading & Writing Programmes. MindChamps Reading & Writing is tailored to produce highly successful future readers, writers and storytellers (learners) through nurturing enjoyment in children as they are read quality literature in an engaging and dynamic manner, starting from playgroup.

Last but not least, our playgroup Champs foster thinking skills through experience, responding to and solving ‘real-life’ situations as they engage in activities. As their teachers pose positively challenging questions, higher-level thinking skills can result.

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