Champion Parents Club

For children aged 3 - 14

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Located in the heart of Singapore’s premier shopping district at the Paragon, our Champion Care Service is the ideal solution if you’re in need of some weekend retail therapy or a relaxed lunch, but still want to ensure that your child is meaningfully occupied.

Even as you unwind over an afternoon out, your child will be able to participate in activities that build up his/her skills in areas such as literacy, creativity, numeracy and physical coordination.


Our Activities

We run three exciting activities adapted from our highly regarded preschool and enrichment programmes.

Junior Chef

Extremely popular with our preschool children, Junior Chef aims to give your child:

⦁ A sense of control and accomplishment in preparing a simple meal
⦁ Social and communication skills from working with other children in the preparation of food

Neuro-Mooves™ Gym

An essential component of our preschool curriculum and conducted in our special gym, Neuro-Mooves™ helps your child to develop:

⦁ Motor skills
⦁ Balance and coordination
⦁ Enhanced right- and left-brain connectivity

Narrative Intelligence™ (Story-telling)

Based on the successful MindChamps Reading Programme, Narrative Intelligence helps your child to develop:

⦁ A love for reading and an appreciation of books
⦁ The art of understanding metaphors in stories


Programme Information and Fees

⦁ Conducted from 11am – 5pm every Saturday, with each activity lasting for 30 minutes

⦁ Each 30-minute session costs $9 (minimum booking of 2 sessions)
⦁ Children aged 3 and below are required to be accompanied by an adult

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