Learning Strength Evaluation

Learning Strength Evaluation identifies the variety of learning types and Champs can be supported through in the classroom.

  • Auditory learners: Champs who gravitate towards the auditory route learn best via hearing the information provided to them.
  • Kinesthetic learners: Champs who are kinesthetic learners learn best with a hands-on approach; they learn best in active participation, versus just being a passive bystander.
  • Visual learners: Out of all the learning styles, it is visual learning that most resembles the traditional methods of teaching. Champs who are visual learners can learn information by taking and reviewing notes during a lesson, reading text, or by deciphering diagrams and graphs.

It is often overlooked that many Champs are going through school without achieving their full potential, for young Champs usually learn best from a combination of learning styles. Knowing your Champ’s learning style bridges communications gaps between you and him/her and hence, you are able to coach him/her better in studies.

Through the research on how Champs learn and how individual minds work, the MindChamps programme is conducted in a good combination of different learning approaches – lecturing format, hands-on group activities, team discussion, individual and group presentation.

Champion Potential Evaluation

The Champion Mind Potential Evaluation aims to find how a champ fare in terms of his/her Champion Mindset currently. This assessment consists of 2 parts; a champ’s evaluation of him/herself and the parent’s evaluation of the champ.

There are 5 things that this evaluation aims to elicit:

  • Self Confidence/Self Assurance
  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Abilities
  • Learning Flexibility
  • Relationship to Learning

Upon answering a series of questions, the Champ will be given a score with respect to his/her Champion Mindset level. The parent answers the same questions about the Champ and their scores are compared. This is crucial to highlight any gaps in expectations between the parent and Champ.

The MindChamps programme is designed to increase a Champ’s Champion Mindset level in all 5 areas. With the learning techniques taught, the Champ increases self-confidence and is able to communicate more effectively. This ultimately helps improve the Champ’s relationship towards learning.

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