Lee Ming Heng

Ms Jane Tong
Parent of Lee Ming Heng

Being a working mother, I am pleased with the MindChamps trainers’ dedication to their students and their effort in bringing out the best in each child. They made the effort to build a good rapport with my son but they didn’t stop there: they provided me with feedback on his progress. What is more, during his PSLE exam, my son improved by at least 1 grade for all the four subjects in which he was enrolled. He was especially pleased to achieve an A grade in both Maths and Chinese as he often attains only a borderline grade for these in school.
Thank you MindChamps for proving to my child that he can do well if he puts in the effort. Every child is a genius if he aspires to be one.

Maths – from D to A
Chinese – from C to A
Science – from D to B
English – from C to B


Ms Yenny Lim
Parent of Lennon Lim

The initial reason why I signed my son Lennon up for the MindChamps PSLE Success programme was to get as much assistance for him as possible in preparation for his PSLE exams. With constant encouragement, care and concern from his teachers, Lennon was able to perform to the best of his ability during his PSLE exams. His effort paid off especially for Maths when he improved from a ‘fail’ grade attained in the preliminary exam to a B grade in PSLE. His English writing skills has also improved tremendously.
Through the programme, Lennon not only improved academically but also learnt to manage his time well. This was especially important as he was involved in his school’s swimming team and was a school prefect. As a result, he was accorded the Ministry of Education’s Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service by his school this year.

Maths – from E to B
English – from D to B
Science – from C to B


Mr Daven Chang
Parent of June Chang

My daughter, June, thoroughly enjoys her English, Science and Maths lessons conducted by MindChamps and looks forward to attending the classes every week.
The teachers are extremely thorough with their explanation of the course content and the corrections highlighted in their assignments so as to ensure that the entire class understands what was taught. The notes given were very useful as they depicted examples to which my daughter could relate. Notably, the lessons delivered were very engaging. The many questions posed during the lessons ensured that my daughter understood what was taught.
Indeed, it has been a very positive and wonderful learning experience for our daughter.
Thank you MindChamps!

Maths – from U to C
English – from D to B
Science – from D to B


Mr Abdul Rashid Bin Abdul Wahid
Parent of Imran Nur Riaan Bin Abdul Rashid

My son, Imran, did badly when he was in Primary 5 and was considered a ‘gone case’ as he only passed his 2nd Language (Malay). I realised that he needed constant motivation and guidance. He needed to study smartly and learn the right techniques so as to improve his learning skills.
After he joined MindChamps’ PSLE Success programme, he made incremental progress during his Primary 6 Mid-Year Exams and PSLE Preliminary Examinations. He then incredibly passed his PSLE exams with an aggregate score of 172, good enough for him to be promoted to the Normal (Academic) stream in Secondary School. The results, though not outstanding for most parents, were beyond our expectations! From falling behind the class, he managed to pick himself up and started to focus on setting targets and improving his grades. His positive attitude and hunger for better grades can be seen in the manner in which he completes his homework and assignments diligently. Even his school teachers commented that they were amazed with his complete change of attitude towards excellence.
I must say that the trainers are very caring and are able to motivate our son to perform better. They also kept a close watch on my son’s progress to ensure that he was not left behind. The knowledge and tips they shared helped my son improve and excel in his examinations. I observed from the two sessions of parent-trainer meetings, that most of the trainers are well liked by my son. They relate well to him and bring themselves to be on par with him; my son does not feel any distance between them. He is now more inquisitive and never shy to ask questions when in doubt.
With motivation and guidance from MindChamps, my son has beaten all odds and obstacles. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone in MindChamps for the dedication and patience in bringing my son to greater heights. I am indeed fortunate to partner with you to realise my son’s potential. I believe that the best has yet to come.

English – from D to C
Science – from E to D


Dr Aley Moolayil Joseph Moolayil
Parent of Tania Ann

I enrolled my daughter, Tania, in MindChamps’ PSLE Success programme as I was looking for a programme with a difference, not just something from a tuition centre that does assessment papers only. Tania enjoyed her classes tremendously, has grown more confident and she constantly strives to challenge herself. Tania also had an inspirational MindChamps’ trainer who believed in her abilities and this has motivated her to always do her best now.

Chinese – from E to B