How well is your child reading and writing now?

Assess your child with the world’s most comprehensive and accurate measure of a child’s reading and writing ability.
Backed by International Early Childhood Literacy experts, the MindChamps Literacy Assessment provides a clear profile of your child’s ability in the following 6 tasks:

1)   Writing Vocabulary
2)   Letter/Alphabetic Symbol Identification
3)   Hearing and Recording Sounds in Words
4)   Accuracy and Errors made when Reading Text
5)   Concepts about Books, Print, Letters and Words
6)   Understand and Read Most Frequently Occurring Words

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What's next?

Once assessed, your child is placed in one of three programmes to achieve the following learning outcomes:

Joey Programme

  • Recognise letters and sounds of the alphabet
  • Develop comprehension skills through multi-sensory experience
  • Expand the use of spoken vocabulary
  • Tell and re-tell stories confidently
  • Write own name plus three- and four-letter words (Guided Penmanship)
  • Understand fundamental concepts about print, such as capital letters and some punctuation marks

Panda Programme

  • Use extensive spoken vocabulary
  • Write about personal experiences using correct grammar and punctuation marks
  • Identify digraphs
  • Appreciate and narrate story in your own words
  • Respond to questions and participate in discussions
  • Develop strong comprehension skills

Dolphin Programme

  • Read comprehension passages
  • Use correct punctuation marks, grammar structures, pronouns, conjunctions and adverbial phrases
  • Pen down ideas, feelings and information
  • Compose own short stories comprising simple sentences
  • Read confidently with active understanding

The literacy assessment is suitable for children between 3 to 7 years old.


Do I need to prepare my child for the session?

Not at all. We’ll meet in a conducive environment – just like all our classes. Just come by with your child and we’ll take care of the rest.
Also there is no need to practice for the session upfront. For the best – and most honest results – we prefer meeting your child just like on any typical day.

Who will we meet with?

You’ll meet with one of our friendly and passionate coaches. All our coaches are fully trained to carry out the assessment professionally for the most accurate results.
In short: you’ll be in the best hands and we’ll make sure you and your child enjoy this experience and get the most out of it.

What can my child gain from this assessment?

Every coaching session is tailored to the child’s individual skills. That means we’ll assess your child thoroughly and show you and your child what can be done for immediate improvements. We’ll also be able to show you where your child may have weaknesses and how to overcome them.

Where is the coaching conducted?

The session may be conducted at MindChamps Headquarters (480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, Level 17 HDB Hub East Wing, Singapore 310480) or the centre in which you intend to enrol your child. We will get in touch with you to firm up the appointment venue, date and time.