3 Enrichment Programmes That Help to Prepare Your Child for PSLE

January 28, 2020

The Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) is a vital steppingstone for every student who is going through the Singapore education system. As the first major exam, it is something new for both parents and kids. However, with some guidance, preparation for PSLE can be a breeze! Most parents want their kids to start preparation as soon as possible, so here is a selection of MindChamps enrichment programmes to help them along every step of their PSLE journey.

Enrichment programmes for pre-PSLE students

Primary Success Programme

The MindChamps Primary Success Programme is specially tailored to give kids in Primary 3 to 5 a headstart in their PSLE preparation. This programme uses the Optimal Flow Method, which was created based on scientific understanding of how children’s brains work. It increases the efficiency of knowledge absorption in order to make exam-fear a thing of the past.

In this programme, students pick up skills such as concept formation, which allows them to see patterns and make connections.  As a result, they will grasp concepts covered in the school curriculum faster and will be able to remember them with ease.

Enrolling your kids in the Primary Success Programme as early as possible ensures that they will have mastered these study skills and learning techniques early and would be able to absorb Primary 6 concepts more effectively. This is also a good foundation programme before they move on to the more curriculum-focused enrichment courses like the PSLE Success programme.

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Taking on the exams with confidence

MindChamps PSLE Success

The MindChamps PSLE Success programme also uses the Optimal Flow Method instead of rote learning. The programme is split into English, Math, Science and Chinese, with the 40-week programme beginning in Term 4 of P5, the 30-week programme starting in Term 1 of P6 and a 20-week programme starting in March of the P6 year.

For English, kids will work on key areas such as reading, listening comprehension, situational and continuous writing. They will learn how to identify patterns and learn different writing styles in order to improve their grasp of the language.

For Math, students will go through the tested topics and understand the requirements of the exam papers. They will also learn strategies to improve time management.

For Science, kids will revise lower primary topics in order to ensure they have the proper foundation while mastering new ones.

Kids will improve their Mandarin by brushing up their grammar and structure. Like English, Chinese classes will touch on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Discover the secret of “learning how to learn”

MindChampion Programme

The MindChampion programme complements the other PSLE enrichment programmes as it focuses on mindset development. Incorporating research in Neuroscience, Psychology and Theatre, this programme teaches “Learning-How-to-Learn” techniques and thinking skills, which kids can apply to their school curriculum.

Children are also nurtured with the Champion Mindset and are encouraged to be more confident in themselves and their abilities so they can attain maximum success in school.

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Prepare for PSLE with MindChamps Enrichment Academy

The PSLE structure has also been under a lot of change in recent years, with less emphasis on academic excellence. The latest development in 2019 saw grades being replaced by “achievement levels”, as the government moves to emphasise emotional development. The MindChamps enrichment programmes featured in this article aim to imbue kids with skills they can apply in their schooling life even after PSLE.

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Written by Steffi Wee