Does Your Child Need Enrichment Classes? Top Things for Parents to Consider

January 22, 2020

Young, eager minds of children should be engaged in an environment that can stimulate their interest accordingly in order to build their development to the next level. Many parents are often in search of good, quality enrichment classes in Singapore to enrol their children. However, with a wide array of selection, it can be daunting to make the best selection for your children.

How do you decide if your children require enrichment classes?

What are some considerations that could affect your decision-making process?

What are enrichment classes like in Singapore?

Before rushing your children to an enrichment class, it is important to understand what it means and what it can offer to your children.

Enrichment classes are often confused with tuition classes as they tend to focus on a certain subject and enhance a child’s learning. Enrichment classes, however, extend beyond what a child is learning at school and it could include a foreign language, music, art, drama or even sports.

A big strength of enrichment classes is that children are engaged in activities that may appear like they are not learning but they are absorbing important skills in a different manner away from your regular paper-and-pen lessons.

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The benefits of enrichment classes

Enrolling your children into enrichment classes allows them to be exposed to new experiences that they may not otherwise experience in school. For preschoolers, these classes can be essential in their development as their brains are so rapidly developing at that age.

New experiences like learning music, art, or a sport can help to encourage their personal growth. When they face challenges in their activities, they learn skills to overcome those obstacles. The coaches would encourage them to try again and persevere until they meet their goals. The same determination can then be applied to school life when they face difficulties.

Enrichment classes can also develop the children’s social skills as personal boundaries and an appropriate level of independence are honed gradually. At the same time, their cognitive skills, gross motor skills, language skills and creativity are also rapidly expanding during the lessons. Enrolling your child in performing arts classes such as the Champion Mindset Theatre Programme at MindChamps can help to build these skills.

Does your child need enrichment classes: Factors to consider

Before signing your children up to the nearest enrichment programme, it would be good to consider a few factors that could affect your decision.

1. What are your child’s interests?

Your children’s interest should be the main driving force behind your decision-making process. Children who are actively engaged in activities that appeal to them tend to perform better because the level of enjoyment is higher compared to children who are forced to attend the classes.

2. Why do you want to enrol your child in enrichment classes? 

The intention behind enrolling your children for enrichment classes should also be clear.

Are you signing them up because you want to stretch their abilities?

Are you looking at enrichment classes as an opportunity for your preschool children to be put at an advantageous position when they go to primary school?

Are you looking for activities to occupy your children while you are at work?

The worst thing you can do is to pile enrichment classes on your preschool and/or primary school children to keep them busy. Children also need time to be bored and to decompress after a long week at school.

3. What does the curriculum cover?

Another important factor is to look at the curriculum of the enrichment programme. Most classes may be masked as skill-based or hands-on approach learning, but in reality, the children are simply sitting through another tuition lesson. These classes should enhance the children’s learning even if it is a subject-based course that your children are attending.

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Written by Danielle Hee