9 Unique Outdoor Playgrounds for Kids to Play and Explore in the North of Singapore

November 7, 2019

Outdoor play has been said to be very beneficial to the health and development of children. It improves their learning through creativity, develops social skills and independence, and encourages exploration.

Playgrounds are a hot spot for children as they are a designated play area built just for them. It’s no wonder why children are constantly fascinated with them and often ask for playground visits.

Here, we share with you our list of outdoor playgrounds in the north of Singapore that are especially fascinating, some with special themes that make them an attractive place for many.

Discover these outdoor playgrounds in the north of Singapore with your kids

1. Admiralty Park 

outdoor playgrounds in the north
(Photo: Little Day Out)

The largest park in the north of Singapore, Admiralty Park is an outdoor playground situated on hilly grounds, making their play features so much more fun to play, run and climb about. Admiralty Park has 26 slides – the most number of slides in a Singapore park. This also includes the widest and longest slides that can be found in a public park.

Address: 31 Riverside Rd, Singapore 730000

How to get there: 15 min walk from Woodlands MRT station or via bus service 903 from Woodlands Bus Interchange

2.  Woodlands Waterfront Park

outdoor playgrounds in the north
(Photo: NParks)

Linked to Admiralty Park via the 25km Northern Explorer Loop, Woodlands Waterfront Park offers a beautiful view of the sea. This coastal park features a large and open space where children can run about freely and climb from one end of the net bridge to another.

A spot popular for residents both young and old, this park is perfect for recreational activities you can do with your child after picking them up after preschool.

Address: Admiralty Road West, Singapore

How to get there: Bus service 856 from Yishun Interchange or Woodlands Interchange

3. Fu Shan Garden Park

outdoor playgrounds in the north
(Photo: Playpoint)

Much like a scene from Jurassic Park, this dinosaur-themed playground is sure to capture the attention of young children. Take them to Fu Shan Garden park after a long day at preschool and they are sure to be thrilled to greet the dinosaurs and climb up and slide down their tails.

Address: 81 Woodlands Street 81, Singapore 730827

How to get there: Bus service 911 from Woodlands Interchange

4. Woodlands Glen

outdoor playgrounds in the north
(Photo: 99.co)

Perfectly in tune with the name ‘Woodlands’, this thematic grasshopper and ant playground taps on the word to bring out the meaning of a woodland, which is typically a place rich in biodiversity. The playground features a giant grasshopper and ant, with slides and a mini treehouse.

Address: Woodlands Drive 16, between Block 573B and Block 573C.

How to get there: Bus service 901 from Woodlands Interchange

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5. Sembawang Park Battleship Playground 

outdoor playgrounds in the north
(Photo: Playpoint)

A tribute to Sembawang’s history as a naval base, Sembawang Park is home to this really cool battleship playground. Mimicking a shipwreck, this themed playground also has a structure similar to an actual battleship. The many ladders, rock-walls, tunnels and nets should do the trick to tire your little preschooler from roleplaying as pirates.

Address: 1200 Sembawang Road, Singapore 758526

How to get there: Bus service 882 from Admiralty MRT station

6. Eastbank @ Canberra 

outdoor playgrounds in the north
(Photo: Kampung Sembawang)

Much like the battleship playground, this playground is also built surrounding the area’s past as a naval base. This one, though, features a cute little red double-decker steamship. The little ones can choose to slide down the side of the steamship or look out from the steam pipe at the top.

Address: Block 121 Canberra Street, Singapore 751121

How to get there: Bus service 883 from Sembawang MRT station

7. Oasis Waterpark @ Nee Soon East 

outdoor playgrounds in the north
(Photo: Great New Places)

Much like its name, Oasis Waterpark @ Nee Soon East is a play zone located in the middle of an urban environment. This tropical rainforest-themed outdoor playground brings fun and excitement to children and parents alike, especially in sunny Singapore. Bring your child here for a fun and cool afternoon!

Address: 307 Yishun Ring Road Singapore 760307

How to get there: 10mins walk from Yishun MRT station

8. Marsiling Park

outdoor playgrounds in the north
(Photo: SEMEC)

Marsiling Park is home to a unique butterfly-shaped playground, with a large grid of ropes forming the wings in which children and climb and crawl on. This gives their play a more physical challenge that they can engage in with their friends.

Adding on to the butterfly theme, the outdoor playground has butterfly-attracting plants and educational interpretive boards that can enhance one’s knowledge and appreciation for nature.

Address: Woodlands Centre Road, Singapore 738930

How to get there: 15 min walk from Marsiling MRT station

9. Seletar Aerospace Park 

outdoor playgrounds in the north
(Photo: Cheekimonkies)

The little ones can get their own shot at piloting a plane by visiting this aeroplane themed playground. With the view of an actual airport runway, they can let their colourful planes take off on their own mini runway.

The playground is especially known for the propeller jets, with slides and little rock-walls. Preschoolers can play in the swing seats while the older kids can choose to sit on the hammock swings.

Address: The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park

How to get there: Bus service 103 and 117 have routes that pass near Seletar Aerospace Park

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Written by Nadia Shukor