MindChamps Infant Care Singapore: Best Tactics to Nurture Your Infant’s Motor Skills

April 2, 2018

When infants grow and develop over time, their nervous system and muscle control start getting in sync.

Over time, their movements will change from quick and jerky to smoother and more intentional patterns. This ability to control their muscles and move is referred to as motor skills.

Be it gross motor skills (large muscle groups such as legs and arms) or fine motor skills (small muscle groups such as wrist), both need to be developed well enough to function normally.

With good motor control, your infant will be able to explore the world around him/her better. This also helps with their cognitive development.

In this article, we share some tips on how and what these motor skills are, and most importantly, the best infant care in Singapore which provides expertise in nurturing such skills.

How And Where Do I Nurture My Infant’s Motor Skills?

With the aid of technology and several methods shared by professionals, many hands-on parents prefer to teach their children on their own.

This way, they feel that they are in better control and able to monitor their children’s learning progress.

However, the methods parents adopt to nurture their children may not be maximising their child’s potential. These methods may be picked up from the various parenting forums, or based on hearsay or generic theories. As every child’s learning development is different, these methods may not be relevant to your child’s individual needs.

There are infant care centres which provide structured programmes developed by professional infant educarers. Such day care programmes are designed in a way to help your child improve their motor skills.

But question is, which is the best infant care in Singapore that provides such programmes?

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Why Is Mindchamps Infant Care The Best Infant Care in Singapore?

At Mindchamps, our infant care programme provides a stimulating and nurturing environment catered to their age. Adopting the six different aspects of motor skills, the S.M.I.L.E.S.™ environment, which stands for Sensory, Motor (Music and Movement), Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social, is tailored to nurture your child’s motor skills.

With the help of our dedicated infant educarers who are well-trained in identifying age-appropriate learning and nurturing opportunities, your child’s motor skills development is in good hands. The S.M.I.L.E.S. environment also creates multi-modal, multi-sensory experiences which provides your infant vast learning opportunities to learn and grow.

What Are Some Of The Notable MindChamps Infant Care Activities?

1. Together Time

This activity greatly involves the sense of touch, which is one of the first senses your infant develops. When a parent/caregiver gently caresses the infant, apart from soothing them, it also actually helps their growth. This is due to the release of growth hormones through a nurturing touch.

2. Rough and Smooth

By further developing their sense of touch, Rough and Smooth involves the touching of objects and their textures with your infant’s two hands.

Using objects with sticky, bumpy and smooth surfaces, while constantly describing the object helps the connections in your infant’s growing brain. In this way, your infant’s sense of hearing and sight, together with their body awareness, coordination and bilateral development are highly engaged.

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3. Training Taste

When your infant is of the appropriate age to consume solid foods, Training Taste is an interesting way to introduce new and different food to your child.

Using different foods, stimulating their sense of smell and taste would be pretty easy to do.

Furthermore, training your child’s nose and palate is a good method to avoid the ‘fussy eater’ problems, which in time to come, may arise during the ‘terrible twos’ stage.

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To help you make an informed choice when it comes to choosing the best infant care in Singapore, one important consideration is to have a deep understanding of the activities they provide.

Programmes which cater to the different specific age groups during infancy stage reflects the mindfulness of the infant care. Without merely adopting a generic one wholesale programme, the differences of an infant during your infant’s growth development are taken into account.

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