Reasons Why the Best Infant Care Comes With a Researched-Backed Curriculum

February 7, 2018

The Best Infant Care Comes With a Researched-Backed Curriculum

Many parents may think that specialised infant care is unnecessary, as babies do not have the capacity to make sense of the content.

However, studies have shown that the best infant care centres in Singapore boast a rich curriculum that can stimulate the senses and promote development.

Here are some reasons why a tailored infant care programme makes a world of difference for children’s development during the first year.

1. The best infant care programmes promote absorption of information

Infants have neither the cognitive capacity to process abstract information nor sufficient experience to make or test their own predictions.

However, they are incredibly opportunistic learners who take time to make sense of the elements in their environment.

Thus, the best infant care centres in Singapore would provide a curriculum which allows babies to absorb as much information as possible to build their own narrative.

For example, the model used by MindChamps Infant Care is based on the two principles of ‘seizing moments’ and ‘crafted moments’ to enhance Sensory, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social (S.M.I.L.E.S.™) development.

2. The best infant care centres in Singapore feature a semi-individualised curriculum

Most of the best infant care centres in Singapore boast a personalised plan for each child, as everyone progresses differently in the S.M.I.L.E.S development. Moreover, children from four to 12 months would take around two to three naps a day.

It would be difficult to have a fixed timetable for all the infants in the centre as they would have naps at different times. A tailored plan for each child ensures that their body clock is not disturbed as they play and learn.

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3. A tailored environment helps in the development of sensory pathways

The first four years are critical to wiring the areas in the brain related to sensory input, which would affect the learning of language, facial expressions, music, art and numbers in the future.

At MindChamps Infant Care, we are dedicated to providing the best infant care for your little one.

At the centres, shapes of letters or numbers are all over the ceiling and the floor, in primary colours. At a young age, letting children hear a variety of languages helps them recognise them in the future. It allows them to speak languages more fluently as they are tuned to the finely-nuanced sounds of the language. The aim is to stimulate the children without overwhelming them.

4. Trained carers to help respond to each child’s needs

Carers would also need to pay attention to each child to catch opportunities for enriching their experiences and craft more activities.

Although babies’ movements may seem reflexive – sucking a thumb, holding hands – they are actually helping to forge connections.

The carers at these infant care centres in Singapore help to make these actions less accidental. They will carry out activities like gently moving the babies’ limbs or tickling their stomach to build muscle strength for crawling. Cradling and singing to them helps the infants feel safe and protected.

All these activities aim to strengthen the children physically and emotionally in one way or another.

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In general, sending your child to the best infant care centre in Singapore with an extensive and detailed curriculum will give your child a great head start in life and promote learning in the near future.

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