What Makes This Childcare Centre in Bishan the Number One Choice of Parents

November 16, 2018

Choosing the right childcare centre may be overwhelming at first, but hearing the personal reviews and experiences of other parents may help in the decision making. While a strong curriculum is usually one of the more important factors to consider, teachers also play a huge part in nurturing and encouraging children to love learning. Other factors that parents could take into consideration would be the location, facilities, and overall environment of the childcare centre.

One childcare centre in Bishan that stands out is MindChamps PreSchool. Located conveniently in the Bishan and Ang Mo Kio area, it boasts an 8,000 sq ft of learning space for the children to explore – including a fully-equipped gym and indoor playground.

Above all, teachers at MindChamps PreSchool Bishan are well-trained to deliver the unique S.M.I.L.E.S.™ curriculum, as they typically go through regular training and accreditation to ensure that their skills and knowledge are updated. Parents whose children are in the centre have also shared that the teachers at this childcare centre are caring and passionate about bringing out the best in children.

Here are other key factors which make MindChamps PreSchool Bishan a top choice of parents who live and work in the area.

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Strong focus on languages at this childcare centre in Bishan

For parents Wendy and Marcus, they were impressed by the warm school environment and well-researched preschool curriculum when they visited MindChamps PreSchool Bishan during the Welcome Day. The teachers and staff were not only courteous but also engaging and welcoming.

During their daughter Mandy’s first week in the school, her teachers would update them on how she was doing. Ever since joining this childcare centre in Bishan, they have seen significant improvements in Mandy’s languages, especially Chinese. She is now more willing to converse in Mandarin and has also developed a strong interest in learning, thanks to the school’s enquiry approach towards learning.

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Instilling a Love for Mandarin

Adelynn Quek, the mother of Lucas Ng, really loved the teaching pedagogy of MindChamps. She felt that this childcare centre in Bishan places emphasis on providing high standards of education which allowed the kids to have fun while learning.

The teachers were very devoted to their jobs and she felt that they did a fantastic job in looking after Lucas with great patience. She is grateful for the effort that Lucas’s Chinese teacher has put in to change his perception of Mandarin, as she wanted her son to have the ability to be multilingual. He is now willing to speak and write Mandarin at home and has grown so much. He is even able to carry out self-care tasks like making his bed, showering and putting on his clothes independently.

Nurturing Confidence from Young

Rachel is very thankful to her daughter Charlotte’s class teachers for their exceptional work in nurturing Charlotte.

Under their love and guidance, Charlotte had blossomed into a buoyant little girl with a vivacious appetite for knowledge and is always keen to share with her parents on the things that she has learnt in school. With the teacher’s help, her Chinese language proficiency improved by leaps and bounds, and she is willing to initiate conversations using mandarin.

Charlotte has also benefited from the reading and writing programme, showing a keen interest in books of different genres. Rachel is assured that Charlotte is well-prepared for primary one with the curriculum MindChamps has provided.

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Strong parental involvement

Apart from a curriculum which instils confidence and creativity in children, Wen Shan, the mother of Chen Xi and Chen Xuan, is glad that parental involvement is encouraged at MindChamps PreSchool Bishan.

In particular, she is thankful for being able to access up-to-date information on what her children are learning in preschool through the MindChamps app. This allowed her to reinforce what they have learnt at home. It also gives her a peace of mind knowing that the girls were in good hands during the day in preschool.

Written by Steffi Wee

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