3 Ways to Explore Redhill After Picking Your Child Up from Childcare

June 6, 2018

Singapore may be small, but it is not short of places for children to have fun.

Here are some places that you could explore with your child after they get off from childcare around the Redhill area.

Delta Sports Complex is a stone’s throw away from Redhill Childcares

Toddlers often have boundless energy to spare, so taking them for some play time at the Delta Sports Complex could help them work off some of it. It is located next to Redhill MRT and features three pools, a huge indoor sports hall, two gyms and a hockey pitch.

Kids can attend swimming lessons and school holiday camps here. Every now and then, there are some interesting activities that are organised at Delta Sports Complex, such as the recent Family Day where parents and kids could participate in land and water activities. Promoting an active lifestyle in kids is essential in cultivating good health and de-stressing methods.

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Explore Tiong Bahru – a mixture of old and new

After a fun workout, you could explore the Tiong Bahru area with your kids.

Once deemed as a “mature estate”, it is now teeming with hipster cafes and bookshops. For more traditional hawker fare, you could head to the Tiong Bahru Market, where they are famous for the fried kway teow, lor mee and chwee kueh.

Check out the following videos for some highlights of Tiong Bahru Market:

Jian Bo’s Shui Kueh is especially renowned, and there are long queues for it every morning. If you want to avoid the heat, you could check out the cafes and bakeries around the food centre.

For healthier options, check our Open Door Policy, which serves dairy and gluten-free fare. They also have their own greenhouse, which could be another learning opportunity for kids to identify herbs.

You could also have a fun outing at Lee Tai Fu, which has board games on every table for a phone-free meal. The restaurant also has an interesting policy where kids are entitled to a free meal if their exam results improve by two grades.

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Explore modern art at Gillman Barracks

For an extension of their art lessons at their childcare centre near Redhill, you can bring your kids to Gillman Barracks, a contemporary arts cluster located near Hort Park.

While it is slightly out of the way, it is a unique experience for children. The buildings itself are a history lesson – built in 1936, they housed British soldiers and their families before the war. Now, it is home to interesting exhibitions.

“Virtual Sanctuary” is a modern art exhibition which reinterprets classic sculptures into geometric and futuristic shapes. There are also many outdoor sculptures that would be sure to catch your tot’s interest.

Block 47 also houses the Playuem Children’s Centre for Creativity, a dedicated space for kids aged one through 12. They host regular workshops teaching children to make useful crafts like pinhole cameras and marble runs.

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If these places seem too far, you could also walk around the nearby green spaces like Alexandra Canal Linear Park or visit the nearest Community Centre. These places are sure to have many fun after-school activities for you and your tots.

Written by Steffi Wee

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