Primary Maths Tuition: 3 Common Myths Debunked

June 6, 2018

Mathematics will probably be one of the toughest subjects your child will learn in school, but it is also one of the most useful. Although their children may be struggling with the subject,  some parents shun away from sending their children for math tuition due to certain misconceptions.

Here are some of the common myths of primary school math tuition debunked.

Primary school math is about practice, so tuition is not useful

It is a common misconception that only weak students need tuition and if the child is doing fairly well in school, there is no need for extra help. However, primary school math tuition can help average kids do even better.

Although the saying “practice makes perfect” highly applies to math, most students lack the motivation to practice problem sums in their free time. Math tuition provides them with structure and motivation to keep learning, as tutors will ensure their work is done and check their answers thereafter.

Careless mistakes form a big chunk of the deducted marks, so having a tutor go over their mistakes can help kids be more aware of their mistakes.

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There is nothing new that a child can learn in tuition

Some parents also think that the school curriculum is sufficient in teaching their children how to score well. However, schools use a standardised method of learning, which may not be the best.

Tuition can give kids easier and faster methods of solving problems. Primary school math tuition can also clear any doubts students might have and are too shy to ask in class. It can also help explain the class curriculum in greater detail to ensure that students can understand every step. Exam questions are not usually straightforward, so a deeper understanding of the steps will help kids tackle tricky questions.

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Primary school math tuition is too boring

Another worry that parents have is that primary school math tuition would not be interesting enough to capture their attention and just be a waste of money. But not all math tuition utilises rote learning or continuous practice to drill students.

The MindChamps Academy Programme is an integrated programme that combines mathematics, science and English to create fun enrichment lessons for children. It utilises the 3-Mind learning model to ensure kids not only have fun while learning math but also understand concepts that will greatly benefit them in the future. They will be trained to develop higher order thinking as well as useful skills like time management.

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Math teaches logic, problem-solving, and is a part of daily activities – calculating prices, measuring to buy furniture, doing taxes – so excelling in this subject is essential to daily life. For primary school students, having a good foundation in math ensures a smoother academic journey in the future.

It is also important for kids to not hate doing math, which can happen if the school focuses too much on math drills. Sending them for more enrichment-like tuition classes that utilise interesting methods such as the ones featured in the video below can help them build a love for the subject and help them do better in school:

Written by Steffi Wee