MindChamps Presents the Most Exciting and Enriching Children’s Festival in Singapore 2017

August 28, 2017

Want to know more about “I’m Proud of You” day – the most anticipated children’s festival Singapore 2017? Read on.

As parents, we have all made sure that our children know we love them, through our actions and words. But how often do we tell them that we’re proud of who they are?

This Children’s Day 2017 show your child how proud you are of them for their achievements, big or small, at the most exciting children’s festival in Singapore.

Not to Be Missed: The Most Exciting Children’s Festival in 2017

“I’m Proud Of You” – A Champion Family Festival is held in line with Children’s Day celebrations to provide exciting and engaging activities for families. This children’s festival encourages the whole family to participate and share these learning experiences with people they love, in a way that strengthens the 3 Minds (The Learning Mind; The Creative Mind and The Champion Mind). The 3 minds form the basis of the activity zones at the festival.

This is a chance for us all to take a little quality time from the weekly rush, and understand that in the midst of all the important things that we do to support our children’s future, it is important to seize those moments which build their strengths and prepare them for success in an unknown and unknowable future.

Research shows the vital importance of tying what is experienced in preschool to a supportive home environment that reinforces the learning. This is an ideal opportunity to – simply and enjoyably – participate in that learning with your children.

Here are some of the details of whats in store for you at the “I’m Proud of You” festival:


Key Activities

“I Am Proud Of You” – A Champion Family Festival is the only children’s festival in Singapore that incorporates learning, creativity and cultivating the Champion Mindset. We have crafted the key activities in line with three zones: The Learning Zone, The Creative Zone and The Champion Zone so that fun and excitement is combined with learning.

As David Chiem says

“Imagination without structure is chaos”

Here are the zones activities:

1. The Learning Zone

Go on a fun-filled, interactive journey at the Learning Zone! From learning how to interact with animals to making pottery, reading & writing, and astronomy.

Live Pony Rides, Feeding & Grooming

Come up-close and personal with live ponies by going on a pony ride or interacting with them through feeding and grooming.

This opportunity is made possible by homegrown company Gallop Stable, a horse riding provider in Singapore. It was incepted to give the opportunity to everyone, young and old, to do horseback riding without the hassle of being a club member. This ride is suitable for children age 3 years old and above, subject to a maximum weight of 40kg

Untitled design

Pony rides are suitable for children above the age of 3 years old (maximum weight of 40kg).


STARLAB Planetarium (by Science Centre)

Marvel at the delights of the night sky, during the day! Step into the STARLAB and leap into the night sky. Learn the names of stars and constellations visible at night, and how they move across the sky.

This is the only children’s festival in Singapore where children will be taken on a tour of the night sky, identifying the key constellations and hear some of the ancient stories about how the stars were named.

Other concepts such as seasons and the Earth’s rotation will be introduced as we explore the changes that occur in the sky at different times of the year.



Largest Indoor Inflatable Course – Space Adventure and Planetary Dome

Keep the kids entertained with the largest ever indoor inflatables: Planet Dome where children must find the right fit for the shapes and challenge each other to complete. Spaceship Inflatable where children must complete the obstacle course in the fastest time.

Either way, children will have a blast jumping and bouncing around.

Everyone loves flying through the air and now everyone can. Experience exhilarating thrills as you zip line on the Zipline inflatable or become shark bait.



Family Golf Game Challenges

Introduce your child to the intricate game of golf and he/ she may just be the next Tiger Woods! In the Family Golf Game Challenge, participants learn and understand the basics of golf.

This includes an introduction to golf swings such as putting and chipping, short  golf  game challenges (putting and chipping) and identifying areas of the golf course through colouring activities.

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Bubble-ology Workshops

Be a bubble performer and explore the science of bubbles by perfecting the craft of creating them. Learn how to make cube, tetrahedron, hexagon bubbles, plus place a dome inside a dome bubble.



MindChamps Reading & Writing Workshop

Want to know more about this unique programme? Now is the time to experience this introductory workshop developed by our early childhood literacy experts.

The programme not only enhances your child’s ability to read and write, but it also instils a champion mindset for confidence and higher order thinking.

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Kids Pottery Workshop

Nothing beats a classic activity like a pottery-making workshop. Make decorative planter pot complete with a plant!

Participants learn hand-building techniques and bring home their creations on the same day.

Playschool Singapore

2. The Champion Zone

In the Champion Zone, parents and children get to overcome adversity through obstacles and work as a team in a of sports.


Inflatable Playgrounds

Children bounce about in themed-inflatable playground such as:

The Longest Indoor Inflatable Obstacle Course in Singapore (Parent + Child)

  • Planet Inflatable (Kids 1 – 3yo)
  • Zipline Inflatable (Kids 4yo & above)
  • Spaceship Inflatable (Kids 4yo & above)
  • Rock Climbing Inflatable (Kids 4yo & above)


Family Soccer Matches

The Soccer match combines a series of activities and drills that use imaginative play, familiar games, visual skills and creative participation to engage children and ensure they get the maximum enjoyment from the world’s most popular sport.


Tennis Games and Quizzes

Participants get opportunities to learn about Tennis through ball control, the grip of a racket, wrist rotation, lateral movement, racquetball coordination, on-court communication and hand-eye coordination.


3. Creative Zone

In the Creative Zone, see your works come to life and participate in stimulating activities with your favourite characters.


MOSH! World of Wonder Activity Station

Showcasing state-of-the-art multimedia technology from Japan, MOSH! redefines interactive digital family edutainment. Providing a unique play-to-learn experience, MOSH! allows visitors to create imaginary worlds of their own in an immersive, virtual creative space.

Orchestrate fireworks, create one-of-a-kind aquatic creatures, or launch a jumbo jet from your hand – MOSH! is the perfect destination for a meaningful family time and a platform for exciting adventures and self-discovery.

Most of all, explore your creativity here at MOSH! through play-redefined.

Fun-filled Activities with Pororo Park Singapore

Are you or your children fans of Korean TV-series Pororo the Little Penguin? There will be a Meet and Greet session with this cute little Penguin and his best friend Crong, the baby dinosaur. Perfect for photo opportunities. So, what are you waiting for?

Moreover, “I’m Proud Of You”– A Champion Family Festival,  visitors enjoy up to 40% off selected Pororo & Friends merchandise only at Pororo Park Singapore’s booth during this event.




Interactive Water Safety Talk & Activities

Learning how to be safe when in, on and around water is invaluable. You never know when you might need to use your life-saving skills to help a friend or family member without putting yourself in danger.

Come here to learn about water safety, and play our fun and interactive water safety games. There will be interactive play, learn and test your children’s knowledge. Learn ways to stay safe when in and around water while having fun!



The Pororo Show

Children get to meet and greet Pororo, The Little Penguin and his best friend Crong, the Baby Dinosaur.


Magical Bubble Show

Be wowed and amazed by our Wonderful World of Bubbles.

Cj the Bubble Artist will take you through a wonderful discovery of the light and colours of Bubble Art.

In addition, she will show you how simple breath control can make a bubble spin and dance, use soap foam to create amazing, flaming, bubble sculptures or produce a cyclone inside a bubble.

Is anyone hungry? Watch as Cj creates her very own Ice Kachang Bubble!



Event Details:

Ticket Prices:
$26.60 Adults (Usual $38)
$33.60 Child (Usual $48)

Date: 7th – 8th OCT 2017 (SAT – SUN)

Time: 10AM – 9PM


Get 30% Off By 15th Sep.