K1 Enquiry Teaching & Learning™ for MindChamps PreSchool @ Tanglin

August 28, 2017

For our Champs in K1, the Enquiry Teaching & Learning’s most fascinating theme is Term 3 – the human body. As children are always interested in their bodies, observing and asking questions about the body allows young children to explore such science concepts and introduces the functions of the human body to them at a young age.

Photo 18-8-17, 10 58 16 AM

Do you know what is the biggest muscle of the body? Our Champs had a good laugh when they found out it was our buttocks. And do you know what is the biggest bone and smallest bone in the human body?  What is the respiratory system – the organs and gases related to it?

Photo 18-8-17, 11 12 36 AM

The K1 Champs learned important facts about the most important components of the human body in an interactive session with two specially invited medical experts this August 2017.

Photo 18-8-17, 11 14 07 AM

Two parents of MindChamps PreSchool @ Tanglin who are medical professionals took time off to share with our Champs their knowledge on the human body. They were Dr Claudine Pang, Consultant Eye Surgeon, and Dr Sean Ng,  Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. To make the sessions interactive they brought along the human anatomy models allowing the Champs to explore the organs of the human body and their functions in detail. Such an enriching experience for the Champs indeed.

Photo 11-8-17, 11 08 27 AM

Thank you Dr Claudine and Dr Sean – we especially love the human anatomy models that you brought!

Photo 18-8-17, 11 11 42 AM