Find Out How Reading Fires Up Your Kid’s Creative Writing Brain

January 5, 2018

Reading is essential to life, providing new perspectives and teaching various life lessons.

At the same time, reading also does wonders to fire up your kid’s imagination that will come in handy in creative writing.

Here are some ways how reading can help with creative writing for kids:

It provides inspiration for their creative writing essays

Books take us to different time zones, countries and planets, and allows us to meet people we would never have known in our lifetime.

The experiences that kids garner through reading would come in handy as they can use some of these ideas in their creative writing to make their stories unique.

Most kids may not have a vast number of experiences that they could write about, so books are their tickets.

They might also struggle to express their thoughts properly during their creative writing assignments, so reading can teach them as well.

Reading would also help stimulate their imagination and allow them to come up with original ideas.

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Books help to create a creative writing template for kids

Reading many different books helps kids understand the expectations of each creative writing genre.

Creative writing topics for kids are not fixated on one genre, as compared to normal composition writing.

Each genre has key phrases, character arcs and settings that make them unique from each other.

Kids would be able to pick out the key elements and use them in their writing pieces.

For example, the pacing in a crime creative writing assignement is a lot faster and choppier compared to a romance-themed story.

Their reading comprehension skills would also be sharpened, and they would be able to see these patterns more easily.

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Reading will improve your kid’s creative writing skills

Good books will give children a clearer idea of sentence structure and grammar, as well as to build their vocabulary.

This would help with the technical aspects of creating writing for kids so they can better focus on the creative aspect. Their creative writing pieces would also have better flow and stand out from the rest.

Kids would be able to express themselves easily in their creative writing essays thanks to their expanded vocabulary.

In more advanced stages, knowing the “rules” of grammar and structure would allow them to break them for even more creativity.

Reading reduces stress so children can write more easily

Reading also helps kids to concentrate better and reduce stress.

In this fast-paced, digital age, many people have not experienced the serenity when they sit down to read a book.

Thus, reading can promote a sense of calm that kids can apply when writing in order to think of better ideas.

Writing essays can be very stressful, so teaching kids how to turn it into a relaxing affair will help imbue a love and passion for creative writing.

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While the benefits of reading for kids are endless, do try to resist from forcing your child to read certain books – instead, allow them to explore the various genres first.

Setting time aside to read each day – say, before going to bed – is also helpful, and much easier on the eyes compared to using their phones.

Inculcating the reading habit from young would ensure that books will continue to be a part of their lives in the future.

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