13 Creative Writing Topics For Your Primary 3 Child To Try at Home

November 15, 2017

With strong and creative writing skills, your child will have an edge in every academic topic and beyond, starting with primary school.

To bolster your child’s enjoyment in writing and to give him/her the ability to write captivating compositions, here are some creative writing topics for your primary 3 child to try at home.

Creative Writing Topics for Primary 3

1. Overcoming Fear

Write about a character who has to overcome his or her fear of something (e.g. water, big dogs, making new friends in a new school, riding the MRT alone for the first time, etc).

What did he or she do to be brave?

Purpose: For a piece of creative writing to be compelling, it should involve conflict. This topic lets your child practice writing about overcoming a challenge.

2. Oh Rainy Day!

Write a descriptive paragraph about a rainy day. You cannot use the word “rain,” “rained,” or “rainy” in the paragraph.

Purpose: Setting is an important element in compositions. Creative writing for primary 3 students should incorporate descriptions that are creative, compelling and effective.

3. Dealing with Hurt

Write about a time when your friend hurt your feelings.

Why did he or she do that? How did you respond? How did you overcome it?

Purpose: Friendship is a common theme in PSLE composition topics.

While your child does not have to take the PSLE just yet, now is a good time to start preparing. This topic helps your child practice expressiveness.

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4. All About Lies

Write about a time when a character lied to his or her mother, and what happened in the end when he or she got caught.

Purpose: To practice constructing a scenario, building a plot, writing a resolution, and expressing emotions.

5. “When I grow up…”

Write about what you want to be when you grow up.

Purpose: To instil a sense of pleasure in creative writing for kids. This is a topic that most youngsters love to think about, so it would be a fun one to write.

6. Resolving Conflicts

Imagine that while queuing up, someone cut in front of you. After you confront this person, he or she still does not move. What would you do? How was this problem resolved?

Purpose: To write convincingly about a conflict. It is even better if your child can incorporate some dialogue.

7. The Truth About Bullies

What does bullying mean? Write about what you think of bullies and why.

Purpose: Not only are bullying and acts of mischief common themes in the PSLE, but they are also situations that many students may encounter or witness in real life, in school. This topic allows your child to practice writing about a moral dilemma.

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8. “A Good Friend is…”

Write about what it means to be a good friend. Please provide at least two examples.

Purpose: To consider what it means to have integrity and be a kinder and nicer friend, and then to support his or her ideas by providing convincing examples.

9. Embarrassing Moments

Think of a time when you were embarrassed. Write about what happened. Where were you? Who were there? How did you feel?

Purpose: Whenever possible, creative writing for kids should involve a captivating plot. This topic allows your child to start building those plotting skills by first practising how to build a scenario.

10. Riding a Bike for the First Time

Write about the first time you learned how to ride a bicycle. How much practice did it take? What was hard about it? How did you feel the first time you succeeded riding independently?

Purpose: Your child can draw from his or her own experience and imagination to write about something new he or she learned, and the related struggles (e.g. falling down when practising, feeling panicked, scared or frustrated) and triumph that came with it.

11. Hard Work Pays Off

Write about a character who wanted something very much, and how he or she worked hard to get it.

Purpose: Creative writing for primary 3 students should draw from the child’s imagination to construct an inspiring story.

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12. The Surprise Birthday Party

Imagine that your friends threw you a surprise birthday party. Describe every minute detail about the party.

Purpose: This is a fun one because every kid wants to have a surprise birthday party. Here, your child gets to exercise his or her descriptive writing pertaining to the setting, feelings (e.g. happiness and surprise), the senses (sound of singing and laughing, taste of the cake, the touch of birthday hugs, the sight of presents, the smell of chocolate), etc. Let your child’s imagination run wild.

13. Superhero Me

Imagine that you are a superhero. Write about what super powers you have, and how you could use those super powers to help somebody.

Purpose: Creative writing for kids should be fun. This topic does just that. In addition, it takes them beyond imagining their superpowers to describing how they would use those powers for the greater good.

Tips to Help Kids Enjoy Creative Writing

Instill a regular and frequent “creative writing practice time” at home. Having a routine can help. For example, 20 minutes of creative writing time after school every day. Here are some additional ideas for creative writing.

To make their efforts extra special, save the pages of their writing, bind them in a book, and let them illustrate the book covers. Make sure they title the collection too. They will feel like proud authors!

Encourage reading as much as possible. Reading and writing are interconnected. A strong reader is more likely to be a strong writer.

Boost your child’s writing potential now!

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