5 Newest Creative Writing Trends Primary Schoolers in Singapore Need to Try Right Now

October 19, 2017

Creative writing is an essential life skill that should be cultivated since young.

Essay writing may be an essential component of the Singaporean education system, but storytelling is a vital skill that determines success in the working world.

Education experts highly recommend that we start building children’s communication skills from infancy, and these new techniques could come in handy to nurture your child’s creativity in writing.

1. Writing with ‘Feeling’ Words

These days, students are encouraged to use emotional words when writing, as early childhood research has observed that the use of ‘feeling’ words rather than factual and logical descriptors nurtures better and more enthusiastic writers.

Studies have found that children are often frustrated by not being able to express how they feel, so teach your children words to convey their emotions, and you just might see creative expression flowing freely from their young minds.

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2. Script a Movie or TV show

If your child seems to enjoy the various forms of entertainment more than study time, consider tasking them with writing their very own episode of a film, television show or even mobile game.

While script writing is not a common task in our local primary and secondary school education system, it has been gaining traction among preschools who recognise the value of the logical thought process that this enticing task encourages, which involves a child subconsciously evaluating character development, flavour and chronology.

“What would make a great episode of (TV show)?” Is a question that might stir your child’s creative juices and produce surprising results.

3. Outdoor Creative Writing

Many a professional writer suggests writing outdoors as a means of overcoming writer’s block – this is equally relevant to young children just starting out with their first pencil and paper.

These days, English enrichment classes involve taking students on excursions to eclectic destinations like Kampong Glam and Marina Bay Sands. Trips like this have been found to be beneficial in uplifting students’ verbal and written expression.

When given a break from the classroom setting, students will be thrilled by the multitude of new experiences to be had, which are guided by commentary from their teachers that gets the ball rolling for the spinning of some intriguing essays.

If your child loves visiting new places, encouraging him or her to write outdoors will only tag positive feelings toward education.

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4. Spin a Story using Stipulated Words

Challenging a child to write a prose using new words that he or she has just learned is an effective way of reinforcing a learning experience.

Preschool English enrichment classes frequently give children this simple task as it provides room for creative expression and explorative thought to kick-start their writing journey.

5. Try Something New then Write about it

Education specialists have come to recognise the importance of holistic learning, which is why child care and preschool centres are now equipped with co-curricular spaces like art studios, child-friendly kitchens and gardens.

While such facilities encourage an appreciation of the fine arts, healthy eating and curiosity about the natural environment, stimulated preschoolers are also more willing to express their post-activity feelings and opinions through writing.

If your child is running out of ideas on what to write about, consider letting him or her try a new craft!

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