3 reasons why MindChamps’ newest child care center in Raffles Place stands out

October 19, 2017

According to to the 2010 population census, 51.9 percent of Chinese Singaporeans speak English at home, and the number is sure to rise by the years.

Most children also speak English among their friends, and thus have little exposure to the language beyond a few hours of class every week.

A British Council article explained that a child’s brain is twice the size of an adult and can pick up languages faster than an adult can.

A poor foundation in Mandarin from the early years could lead to them struggle with it in primary school, and lead to them having a dislike of the language in the future.

China’s growing economy means that the Chinese language is growing in importance, and a poor command of it might affect their job prospects.

The Hope for Change

However, MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Cecil Street, Raffles Place hopes to change that. They are the first Chinese child care centre in Raffles Place, conveniently located just opposite Telok Ayer MRT station and 5 minutes away from Raffles MRT.

It is of great accessibility for busy parents who work in the Central Business District (CBD). The child care centre organises programs for children of many ages, from 18 months to six years old.

A largely Chinese curriculum tailored with the specialised MindChamps PreSchool programme

This child care centre at Raffles Place integrates a Chinese environment into the specially tailored MindChamps PreSchool programme.

While strong emphasis will be placed on the Chinese language for champs of all levels, they will also go through a specialised programme to prepare them for the bilingual requirements of primary school.

Apart from developing a love for reading and writing in the classroom, champs can also look forward to monthly outdoor excursions. Based on the themes of the term, these trips not only teach them about nature, but also to instruct them on how to be more socially aware. Center director Florence Ho has applied the MindChamps philosophy of “100% Respect, ZERO FEAR” to the school.

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Loving and enthusiastic educators

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Cecil Street, Raffles Place also boasts a core of loving and enthusiastic teachers to nurture the children. They are a strong team of dedicated educators who have undergone at least 200 hours of training.

The teachers will also help children gain insights into China’s rich history through the Chinese Culture Appreciation. They will also guide the children through crafted play, helping the kids develop their creativity to become lifelong learners.

An environment which will motivate the Champs

The center also boasts a nurturing environment with a large indoor gym for the Champs to play in and develop physical coordination abilities. The classrooms are also spacious with interactive elements to ensure that the children will never want to leave.

Parents from MindChamps Chinese PreSchools have seen large improvements in not only their child’s speaking abilities but their attitude as well.

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Ms Rei Wang mentioned that her child was very reserved but since attending MindChamps she became more talkative. Wang said it was “very inspiring to see this change”.

Ms Ho’s son is one of the students and the main reason why she wanted to open the school. Her child “made a big difference in both his academic and personal growth within a short period of 6 months” due to the school and believed that other parents should have the same opportunity as well.

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